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Inbound marketing is the use of relevant and personalized content as a means to engage the consumer and attract them to your site. Contrary to traditional marketing, which is more invasive, inbound is all about providing your audience with information that they can use, while showing why your brand is something that they should be invested in.

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Content Is Key

When it comes to inbound marketing, the only way to keep your audience coming back is to keep them busy. Content is key in regards to engaging your audience, and that’s where we come in. Target Points will provide you with necessary tools to be successful in this digital age of marketing.

Engaging your audience is broken into 4 simple steps:

The first stage in driving traffic to your site and engaging your audience is garnering their attention through appealing content and providing them with a consumer-centric experience.  Target Points will accomplish this by placing a focus on SEO and SEM, which will increase your brand visibility and allow prospective consumers to discover content that is relevant to them. Furthermore, we align our strategies with your goals and objectives to ensure that we always reach your ideal consumer.

Now that we have the attention of your audience, it’s time to draw them in. Your products and services with the help of our content offers, landing pages and calls-to-action play a key role in the process. This step is all incentivizing your audience and showing them that you provide something that can truly be beneficial. Converting visitors into leads involves obtaining their contact information, enabling you to further nurture the business to consumer relationship. Here is where landing pages and content offers come in handy, acting as a trade for trade deal. Target Points will provide and manage with these tools to guide your prospective customers along the conversion process.
Your leads now know everything your business has to offer and are just looking for that final push to become customers. Target Points provides last minute insights on why your brand is worth trusting in. This is done with use of additional content, now tailored to those that are already familiar with your brand. In doing so, you are showing them how far they have come in the relationship and where they can potentially be by investing in your business. Target Points utilizes email marketing in the close stage as a way to directly communicate with leads and remind them one last time why your business and its products are dependable.

Your lead has become a customer but the job isn’t finished. Target Points continues to provide relevant content to keep your audience engaged as we utilize surveys and social monitoring to measure performance. Your leads have decided to trust your brand and deserve to be rewarded. Our web design services provide your website with enough to content and stunning visuals to keep them coming back, while our digital specialists continuously develop strategies to re-engage your audience. Custom surveys and dropping in on social media conversations are a great way of receiving feedback from your audience, allowing us to return to the drawing board and make improvements.

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