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What’s Your SEO Score?

Our team of Long Island SEO specialists have designed this website audit tool in order to deconstruct key ranking factors within your on-page SEO to help develop an effective strategy.

Make It Easy For Customers To Find You

Our Long Island SEO company has conducted research and uncovered that 91% of people do not proceed past the first page of the search results in a search engine. In the last two decades or so, search engines have become the number one source of information, products, and services with a vast majority of people utilizing the big three: Google, Yahoo, and Bing. At Target Points, we’ve learned that content is key and can be the deciding SEO factor in whether or not your website is at the top or bottom of the search results.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is powered through the use of popular keywords. The more keywords and phrases your site contains, the better chance it has at working its way up the list and being seen by thousands of potential customers. Target Points takes SEO to a superior level, researching the keywords that will optimize your presence when consumers search for topics and themes related to your business.

In addition to your website, SEO can also be applied to your social media pages, blogs, and newsletters. When it comes to finding your business online, aim for the top spot with our SEO services, as they provides the necessary outreach and promotion for success.

Local SEO Pricing

Our local seo package design for all small & medium sized business
to get top ranking results in search engine.

  • Local SEO Pricing, Long Island SEO Package
  • Local SEO Mid-Level Pricing, New York SEO
  • Local SEO Advance Pricing, SEO Services in Long Island, New York

A Digital Agency That Takes SEO Step by Step

  • Long Island SEO Campaign

    SEO Campaign Set Up

    Every great campaign starts somewhere. Allow our SEO specialists to personally sit with you and discuss popular keywords, phrases, and links associated with your business as we also begin developing a potential strategy.

  • New York SEO Optimization

    On Page optimization

    Engaging and relevant content is pivotal to a executing a successful SEO campaign. Our on-page optimization services utilize your site’s current content to help optimize its presence through the addition of keywords.

  • SEO Link Acquisition

    Content marketing and Link Acquisition for SEO

    We can’t stress this enough; Content is key! Target Points generates strong, relevant content, enhancing your site’s SEO ranking while simultaneously increasing your number of quality inbound links through our link building strategy.

  • Blog Post for Long Island SEO

    SEO Blog Post

    Like social media, your company’s blog can be an effective tool for SEO. Target Points assists you in creating a blogging strategy that can be used in conjunction with our SEO techniques to enhance your online presence.

  • Local SEO Long Island, NYC

    Local Search Optimization

    Like real estate, marketing is all about location. Target Points optimizes your presence in your local area, ensuring that the next time someone looks for a business near you, yours is at the top of the list.

  • SEO Reports

    Monthly SEO Reporting

    Target Points is all about using what works and improving what doesn’t. Our SEO specialists provide you with monthly reports detailing your progress in addition to performing keyword analyses to evaluate keywords currently in use, while researching the popular ones relevant to your business.

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The SEO Process

Our Long Island SEO specialists sit down and discuss potential keywords associated with your business, while beginning the research process and creating your overall strategy.
During this step, our Long Island SEO experts will go through your site’s content adding popular keywords relevant to your business, allowing it to be identified by search engines.
Now that your on-page SEO is taken care, it’s time to turn our attention off-page, as our Long Island SEO experts work to establish links to others pages within your website that contain related content.
SEO isn’t just about being number one but staying there as well. After your website has been optimized, our Long Island SEO specialists continues to monitor and adjust your SEO to ensure you maintain your position.
Our Long Island SEO specialists provide you with a report stating your advancement in the optimization process including website traffic, keyword usage, and search engine ranking.

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