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SEO for Local Businesses: What You’re Missing

When thinking about local SEO, it is important to remember online competition is not local competition, claim your Google Business Profile, and keep blogs up to date. Think about what your customers really need, and use your content as an opportunity to deliver that in the most efficient way possible. Answer questions you get often in person. Share those great conversations you have with other local business owners, about what really matters, and those nuggets of priceless advice. Your message has to connect. You have to learn how to build authentic relationships online, and one of the foremost ways of doing that is to create content that actually resonates with your audience.

Possible Google Algorithm Update – September 2021

Glenn Gabe, SEO Consultant at G-Squared Interactive tweeted regarding a possible algorithm shift detected between September 16th and September 17th. Definitely seeing some sites with a lot of volatility,” he said, earmarking this date range. Unstable rankings are an indicative sign of algorithm updates, as there is a bit of a “learning curve” as these algorithms process websites and implement changes to the SERP.

Why Businesses Need Blogs

While there are different objectives for marketing, and most businesses will want to see concrete results as quickly as possible. Each piece of content you put out online can help educate potential prospects, and build your brand as the go-to authority in the niche. Knowing this, there’s significant value in building out content. Here are the fine details on why blogging is important for your business, and our best business blogging tips.

Does Quality Score Matter for Google Ads?

One of the frustrating things about Google’s Quality Score metric, is that there is no definitive way to track or improve them. Having a high quality score is useful, as it will drive down the cost of ads. However, even Google Partner Ad Agencies do not have clear indication on how to increase them. What’s more, is that the claims that quality score decreasing ad costs are largely anecdotal.