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Digital Marketing

The Website Checklist: Everything You’ll Need

No matter what type of website you may have, there are certain requirements that need to be met in order to find success and increase traffic. Check out our complete website checklist below for everything you’ll need to create a website that is both engaging and sure to attract visitors. Content is the words you use to guide your visitors through your website. They should be inviting, enticing, descriptive, and most importantly, accurately convey your message. Having a great sitemap is key to making your website easy-to-navigate. Remember to provide your visitors with access to all pages from the homepage through the use of a navigation bar and direct links. Search engine optimization increases your site’s visibility on search engines, through the use of links and keywords. Establishing a brand identity enables you to separate your website from the others. Logos, taglines, and personality, in addition to specific colors and fonts all go into a brand’s identity, and are things that should be included in your website. This will help you stand out as one in a million.

Staying In the Lines: A Guide to Mastering Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is the use of relevant and personalized content as a means to engage your consumer and attract them to your site. Inbound marketing is broken down into four simple steps: Attract, Convert, Close, and Delight. The content you create should be tailored to your ideal audience and be something that they may find useful. You’ve got your audience’s attention and it’s time to show them why your business is worth investing in. Now you can begin to discuss your products, services, and the benefits they provide. Your consumers currently know everything your business has to offer and it’s time to seal the deal. Your prospect is now a customer but the job isn’t over. Now it’s time to establish a sense of brand loyalty by continuing to provide them with relevant content. Remember to drop in every now and then to find out how you’re audience is doing, through the use of surveys and listening to social media conversations. Use this opportunity to receive feedback and make improvements on your strategy

5 Common Search Engine Optimization Myths

Where marketers used to focus on link building and keyword obsession, they are now beginning to turn their attention on providing quality content that engages their audience. The more creative and engaging content you create for your webpages, blog posts, and social media, the more likely people are to share it, eventually bringing more links over time. Yes, a high search ranking will help with your level of visibility but it’s your rich and relevant content that is going to entice visitors to stick around, and even more importantly, share your content with others. Your homepage should have just enough information to get its point across, while putting a focus on design and visuals in order to pull visitors in. Content should service the reader first and the search engine second. Putting a high quantity of keywords over quality can cause the content you’re writing to seem half-developed, confusing, or even out-right boring.

Digital Marketing Mistakes Made by Small Businesses

Despite their troublesome and somewhat embarrassing nature, mishaps and accidents allow us to learn from our experiences and pass them onto others. The same applies to digital marketing. Most small business owners are not specialist in these strategies and thus widening the margin for error. One of the first things you’ll learn in regards to digital marketing is the importance of Search Engine Optimization or SEO for short. Despite SEO being one of the more complex aspects of the digital world, the concept of adding optimized keywords to your site’s content is pretty simple to grasp. However, one mistake that small business owners tend to make is overstuffing their website and blog content with keywords. Consumers today are quickly beginning to transition from desktop to mobile devices to do their shopping, studying, and pretty much anything else that involves looking for information. Believe it or not there are a countless amount of small business owners that refuse to make their websites compatible with mobile devices. Search Engine Marketing is just as important as the other two, allowing you to reach audience through paid search.

Advantages of Using Social Media Marketing for Your Business

One avenue where social network has made the biggest influence is marketing. Where business owners once had to spend millions of dollars in convincing audiences to purchase their products, marketing since become a much more personal experience, as companies have shifted towards utilizing social platforms to spread their message. The more activity your business has on social media, the more likely it is that it will be shared with others, helping to enhance your brand recognition. Social media allows your audience to connect with your brand, long after they’ve viewed your commercial or walked passed your billboard. It also serves as another to way to express your brand voice and personality. The more businesses begin to understand the importance of social media marketing, the more they will be able to benefit from its uses. With the right strategy and quality content to engage their audience, any business, including yours, can find success in marketing via the digital landscape.

Worth 1000 Words: The Importance of Images on Social Media

People don’t want to just read what your business is about, they want to see it too. Sharing images is a great way to engage with your audience as they provide them with a visual representation of your message, and hopefully one they can relate to as well. Without totally eliminating word-only posts, pictures should come with a majority of your social content to catch your readers’ attention and pull them into brand. Many successful campaigns have been built off this storytelling approach and thanks to easy access to professional photos, you can now execute a creative photo campaign without breaking the bank.

Digital Marketing and Why Content is King

People like to feel that they’re getting something meaningful in return for their attention. If you’re presenting them with poor quality content or things that don’t concern them, they’re sure to tune out and tell their friends to stay away. This can be harmful on the overall value of your brand just as much as delivering a substandard product. Cool and engaging content, combined with a great product will lead to an increase in popularity and positive word of mouth, which can only mean good things for your business. In the end, the success of your marketing strategy will most likely hinge your ability to create awesome and engaging content. Make sure that it’s relevant, intriguing, and most importantly relates to whoever is reading/watching it. Begin working on your content today and show your audience why your business is one they can trust in.

What is an Invalid Click in a Google AdWords Campaign?

When it comes to spotting the difference between valid and invalid clicks, it’s all about knowing what to look for. We highly recommend that you monitor your ad traffic closely so that you know who it is exactly that is clicking on your ads. Google AdWords accomplishes this already but it never hurts to see for yourself. Another tip we advise is for users to never be afraid to speak up they feel that they have been the subject of some invalid clicks. There’s a strong chance that Google isn’t going to catch them all and if you don’t report them when they’re discovered your money is practically going to waste.

In the right hands Google AdWords is a powerful tool that can help strengthen your business’ marketing strategy. Invalid clicks can be seen as a mere bump in the road that Google has been working diligently to remedy. Even users themselves can stop invalid clicks if they know what to look for. Don’t allow your campaign to be compromised by invalid clicks. Best of luck in your next PPC campaign and watch out for those shady click rates!

Keywords Optimize Your Blog Post? How Do They Work?

Search engine marketing involves utilizing special keywords and linking to increase a webpage’s ranking, thus moving them up in the search engine. If you’re wondering just how you could be number one, worry not as we’re here to lend a hand. The first step in moving up in the list of names in Google is utilizing keywords. Keywords are the popular terms and phrases picked up by the search engine that will drive traffic to your blog. With just a little bit of research, you can find which keywords are popular in regards to your blog topic or business and begin to work it into your content.

Using Instagram to Promote your Business Blogs

Use the same branded graphics from the blog posts and create the square Instagram version.
Post “coming soon to the blog” photos with messages telling your followers what they can expect to see in the next few days. Follow through with what you promise!
Take behind the scenes photos of what inspires your blog post. If there was a photo shoot involved, show the set up and the photographer at work. If you are the photographer then have someone take a photo of you taking the photos!
Use quotes from your post and make images with them. Think of how you make a “click to tweet”. Short and sweet, and wording that will catch your followers’ attention.
You can even promote old blog posts and say something like “from the archives” and in the call to action say, “search for so and so in the blog”
Create a giveaway on Rafflecopter with something you can give your followers as a prize. It can be a service, a product or even an amazon gift card. Promote it on Instagram, use the link in the profile to take them to a landing page where they sign up to your newsletter to enter the giveaway.
Do you publish guest posts? Do a feature on your author, do a couple of shout out posts about their Instagram account and blog before and after you post about their guest post.
Use you Instagram as a mini blog and use the caption to write mini blog posts that you can finish off with, “read more about this on the blog”