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Digital Marketing

How to Choose the Best SEO Company

When choosing a high quality digital marketing company for SEO services, realistic results are a priority. Don’t fall for buzz words, always discuss metrics, look for case studies and third party certifications. Working with a local company is always the best option because they’ll have unique insights into the area market. An SEO company in New York will know about colloquial terms and help you create a laser-focused SEO approach.

How to Measure Qualified Leads

There’s a difference between marketing qualified leads (MQL) and sales qualified leads (SQL). Marketing qualified leads have a degree of interest in your product or service. Sales qualified leads are those ready to make a purchase now.

The Social Media Planning Cycle

Also known as an SMM plan, a social media marketing plan contains the details of what you hope to accomplish on social media. It includes the actions an organization must take to achieve realistic goals. These actions are in a constant state of movement and are part of the social media planning cycle. The social media planning cycle is a 9-step process to develop your SMM plan by following a continually evolving process.

Video Search & SEO: 10 Ways to Obtain More Views

Online videos are among the most consumed forms of content on the internet. If you’re looking to deliver rapid-fire messages without scaring your audience away with information overload then crafting a video may just be your best bet. Sites like YouTube and Vimeo have grown to become some of biggest in regards to the video content industry. Similar to other forms of search, optimization practices can be utilized in order to increase the visibility of your videos.

Content Marketing Excellence: How to Raise the Bar

The best content comes from thinking about your audience and building your content around them and their journey. It doesn’t happen overnight, so you need to devote some energy to creating the right content for your audience. It’s an iterative process as well. Through testing, analyzing your user feedback, and combining features that worked separately, you will grow with your audience.

How to Set an Advertising Budget

When you look at the big picture, it’s easy to see how important it is for you to allocate funds to an advertising budget. Deciding which approach to take depends largely on your audience demographics. Consider the differences in traditional and digital advertising as you create your advertising budget, and you’ll be on the right track for getting your business out there. To help prepare an advertising budget, it is important to look at sales percentage, industry averages, set marketing objectives, and establish a maximum budget.

Why Design Converts

Every time a user visits your website, or comes across a piece of your content, it’s an “audition” to win their purchasing power. You want your business to radiate quality at all times, wherever they come across you. The goal is to secure as many of these auditions as possible, and inevitably win more purchases in the process. Consistency across every point of brand contact is crucial in developing trust in the mind of your prospects. Design is one more forefront where that must be accomplished. Quality graphic design can assist your audience targeting efforts. This will actually result in increasing conversion rates due to your aesthetic choices.

Possible Google Algorithm Update – September 2021

Glenn Gabe, SEO Consultant at G-Squared Interactive tweeted regarding a possible algorithm shift detected between September 16th and September 17th. Definitely seeing some sites with a lot of volatility,” he said, earmarking this date range. Unstable rankings are an indicative sign of algorithm updates, as there is a bit of a “learning curve” as these algorithms process websites and implement changes to the SERP.