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What is Call Tracking?

Looking for an efficient way to track your leads and the success of your ads? If so, call tracking may be the service for you. Call tracking allows you to see just what ads are attracting prospective leads, by attaching unique call forwarding numbers to them. This way you can report how well a specific ad campaign is doing based on the number of phone calls that are being generated.

Combine with your campigns

Call tracking can be applied to online campaigns like AdWords, or traditional forms of advertising like print and TV. With this service you can see exactly which ads are working and which ones can use some tuning up.

The Perfect Analytic Tool

This service provides the ability to record calls made to your number, as well as the ability to analyze what consumers are looking for when they call your business.

As soon as a number is called, Call Tracking will record:

Caller name

Phone number



Ad that lead to the call

Caller history

Keywords used by the caller

Pages they viewed on your website

call tracking

Call tracking provides the caller's

This information can then be used to generate new strategies or rework the ones already in place, so that when it’s time to speak with a lead, you know exactly who they are and what they’re looking for, making the sales process an easier one.

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