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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing and Why Content is King

People like to feel that they’re getting something meaningful in return for their attention. If you’re presenting them with poor quality content or things that don’t concern them, they’re sure to tune out and tell their friends to stay away. This can be harmful on the overall value of your brand just as much as delivering a substandard product. Cool and engaging content, combined with a great product will lead to an increase in popularity and positive word of mouth, which can only mean good things for your business. In the end, the success of your marketing strategy will most likely hinge your ability to create awesome and engaging content. Make sure that it’s relevant, intriguing, and most importantly relates to whoever is reading/watching it. Begin working on your content today and show your audience why your business is one they can trust in.

SEO Tips and Tricks #2

Much published content achieves little interaction, therefore has minimal relevance business value.

Content RELEVANCE is now king. Content should be produced based on topic interactions and mapped to business goals – balancing supply with demand. This approach will mean that you focus on content that is valuable –to users and to your business. Google will reward your efforts. Focus on quality, then scale the quantity.