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Possible Google Algorithm Update – September 2021

Glenn Gabe, SEO Consultant at G-Squared Interactive tweeted regarding a possible algorithm shift detected between September 16th and September 17th. Definitely seeing some sites with a lot of volatility,” he said, earmarking this date range. Unstable rankings are an indicative sign of algorithm updates, as there is a bit of a “learning curve” as these algorithms process websites and implement changes to the SERP.

Using Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) to Create an SEO Advantage

Today, latent semantic indexing has become part of the process that search engines use to organize and classify content. LSI uses mathematical techniques to find relationships between words and concepts. Semantically related content is further processed and indexed along with directly related content. It improves the searching experience by deciding if certain words are related, giving us better search results. By incorporating LSI keywords into your content, your SEO naturally improves, organically improving your search engine ranking.

Why Businesses Need Blogs

While there are different objectives for marketing, and most businesses will want to see concrete results as quickly as possible. Each piece of content you put out online can help educate potential prospects, and build your brand as the go-to authority in the niche. Knowing this, there’s significant value in building out content. Here are the fine details on why blogging is important for your business, and our best business blogging tips.

SEO Tips for Law Firms

Lawyers are some of the most sought-after service providers in the world. Whether it’s representing an individual(s) in a lawsuit or a criminal case, lawyers play a large role in society and the legal system as a whole. Statistics prove that websites listed on the first page of search engines are more likely to see a steady influx of traffic, compared to a site that is on the third or fourth page. If you’re looking to drive prospective clients to your firm’s website, then SEO is your best bet. Now, how do you enhance your search ranking using SEO? Segment Your Search Area, Create Content that is Worth Exploring, Sign Up for Social Media, and Look into Link Building. Stand out among the sea of law firms out there by using SEO.

AI & SEO: How Artificial Intelligence Affects Your Search Ranking

Whether or not you’re aware of it, AI is used by search engines when it comes to your SEO score and search ranking. As artificial intelligence continues to advance, so will the practices and techniques that are applied to your SEO strategy. With a self-learning system in place, specialists have more opportunity to push the boundaries of SEO and help businesses increase their online visibility. By understanding the changes that AI has created for search engines, you can stay one step ahead of your competition by utilizing new tools and tactics.

Infographics: Link Building for Novice SEO Consultants

Having good content will lead to natural and unnatural link building. No matter what, links are shared due to the value of their content being linked. Content should be relevant, and backlinks should be relevant to the topic of the content. Unique content, that brings value, is considered relevant to search engines. Search engines really care about giving search inquirers the content they really want to see.

How to Do Backlinking for Novice SEO Consultants

Backlinking is a very crucial part of SEO and digital marketing, because It helps you rank higher on search engines. It increases relevancy of your brand name, by also having influencers promote your business’s products and content on the World Wide Web. Backlinks aren’t only used for SEO. Backlinks help drive traffic from other websites that may have your target market already viewing those particular sites. Having your brand promoted or talked about on other sites, as well as having your website linked back to, will increase your business’s P.R. (Public Relations) and publicity.

Importance of Alt Tags for On Page SEO

Using and optimizing an alt tag reasonably is important for ranking highly for SEO because the search engine crawler can only recognize an alt tag. The search engine may skip your pictures without an alt tag. A large of proportion of image searching is via the search engine. Also, images are more acceptable to users compared to the text. Search Engines cannot see images on websites so that it cannot crawl the text either. So by creating an alt tag for every image, you have a great opportunity to let your image on a website to be as visible as possible.