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Digital Marketing

19 Factors That Will Affect Your SEO Ranking

In search engine optimization and the websites that compete for higher search results most SEO Experts start to optimize for keywords before they create relevance content & engaging marketing strategies. We at Target Points research & analyze SEO trends to enhance your strategy and explain key factors for ranking high in search engine result pages (SERPs). Accelerated Mobile Page enables you to create content customized for mobile devices and post it instantly. This eliminates long load times, enhancing your SEO. Find a hosting provider that can support your site’s data & content.

SEO Trends: Everything You Need To Know

Designing your website to be responsive with mobile devices automatically enhances search ranking, putting you a step above businesses that have not yet done so. Making mobile compatibility a priority from the start is the key to achieving a strong digital presence. How Content Strategy Improves SEO Ranking:
Write for your readers, not for search engines.
Creating audience-specific goals
Write content for different platforms
Your product can take on a personality and style

Digital Marketing Mistakes & Accounting Companies: A Major Miscalculation

One area of accounting that many tend to skip over is digital marketing. At its core, digital marketing is the source of potential business and maintaining the relationship between current clients. With that said, the average accountant is not digital marketing expert, therefore they are sure to make a mistake or two when attempting to engage their audience. he only way your firm stands a chance at being found on search engines like Google and Yahoo is by utilizing SEO (search engine optimization). Through the use of keywords and specialized links, search engines are able to identify to with your website and move it up the results. he only way your firm stands a chance at being found on search engines like Google and Yahoo is by utilizing SEO (search engine optimization). Through the use of keywords and specialized links, search engines are able to identify to with your website and move it up the results. Whether it’s your customer service, professional stature, or the fact that you offer donuts at the door, market what you do that’s different, not just who you are. This shows your true value and what differentiates you from the rest.

It Only Makes Cents: 3 Digital Marketing Tips for Accounting Firms

Since the beginning of commerce, every business has required marketing in order to expand their reach and attract new audiences. The same thing applies to accounting firms; institutions that are seen as a necessity to countless businesses and individuals. But with the hundreds of thousands of accounting firms out there, how can one differentiate themselves from all of the others? The answer is simple: by joining the digital marketing race. With marketing and advertising moving onto the digital landscape, it’s time that accounting firms follow suit in order to effectively promote their brand. Thanks to the popularity in social media and content marketing, consumers are now looking for businesses that will provide them with useful information before formally interacting with them. In others words, don’t be afraid to show off your genius through blogs and social media. Email campaigns are not only useful for attracting new clients but also for nurturing existing ones. In order to make your information accessible to consumers no matter where they may be, it is important that you invest in mobile-compatibility. This includes a website and emails that are fully responsive with smart phone and tablet devices as well as cloud-based accounting software. By creating content that is mobile-friendly, you are increasing your chances of someone coming across your firm while they’re at the gym or grabbing a cup of coffee.

Digital Marketing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Digital content marketing is a technique of distributing and disseminating useful information to your target audience over the internet. Through digital content marketing, your business can communicate with your present and potential customers using search engines, email and social media. A business without a brand, is sort of like a new car without a nice coat of paint; it’s kind of just of there. Consumers prefer to associate themselves with businesses that have a brand they can relate to. By establishing a brand identity, you’re showing that your business is more than just its products but also contains a personality and a look and feel that your audience can connect with. Don’t allow your business to become one of a million. Create a brand that makes your organization unique and one that consumers will be excited about exploring.

Staying In the Lines: A Guide to Mastering Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is the use of relevant and personalized content as a means to engage your consumer and attract them to your site. Inbound marketing is broken down into four simple steps: Attract, Convert, Close, and Delight. The content you create should be tailored to your ideal audience and be something that they may find useful. You’ve got your audience’s attention and it’s time to show them why your business is worth investing in. Now you can begin to discuss your products, services, and the benefits they provide. Your consumers currently know everything your business has to offer and it’s time to seal the deal. Your prospect is now a customer but the job isn’t over. Now it’s time to establish a sense of brand loyalty by continuing to provide them with relevant content. Remember to drop in every now and then to find out how you’re audience is doing, through the use of surveys and listening to social media conversations. Use this opportunity to receive feedback and make improvements on your strategy

5 Common Search Engine Optimization Myths

Where marketers used to focus on link building and keyword obsession, they are now beginning to turn their attention on providing quality content that engages their audience. The more creative and engaging content you create for your webpages, blog posts, and social media, the more likely people are to share it, eventually bringing more links over time. Yes, a high search ranking will help with your level of visibility but it’s your rich and relevant content that is going to entice visitors to stick around, and even more importantly, share your content with others. Your homepage should have just enough information to get its point across, while putting a focus on design and visuals in order to pull visitors in. Content should service the reader first and the search engine second. Putting a high quantity of keywords over quality can cause the content you’re writing to seem half-developed, confusing, or even out-right boring.

Digital Marketing Mistakes Made by Small Businesses

Despite their troublesome and somewhat embarrassing nature, mishaps and accidents allow us to learn from our experiences and pass them onto others. The same applies to digital marketing. Most small business owners are not specialist in these strategies and thus widening the margin for error. One of the first things you’ll learn in regards to digital marketing is the importance of Search Engine Optimization or SEO for short. Despite SEO being one of the more complex aspects of the digital world, the concept of adding optimized keywords to your site’s content is pretty simple to grasp. However, one mistake that small business owners tend to make is overstuffing their website and blog content with keywords. Consumers today are quickly beginning to transition from desktop to mobile devices to do their shopping, studying, and pretty much anything else that involves looking for information. Believe it or not there are a countless amount of small business owners that refuse to make their websites compatible with mobile devices. Search Engine Marketing is just as important as the other two, allowing you to reach audience through paid search.

Keywords Optimize Your Blog Post? How Do They Work?

Search engine marketing involves utilizing special keywords and linking to increase a webpage’s ranking, thus moving them up in the search engine. If you’re wondering just how you could be number one, worry not as we’re here to lend a hand. The first step in moving up in the list of names in Google is utilizing keywords. Keywords are the popular terms and phrases picked up by the search engine that will drive traffic to your blog. With just a little bit of research, you can find which keywords are popular in regards to your blog topic or business and begin to work it into your content.

7 SEO Tips To Optimize Your Blog

Keyword research is essential for on page optimization. Chances are you are naturally including keywords without realizing it simply by providing valuable content on a topic. Once you have targeted a couple of valuable, relevant keywords, it is important to place them where they will have the most impact for humans and search engine crawlers indexing your content. Whenever you upload a photo to your blog, be sure to include keywords in the file name and fill out the alternate text field with a brief, keyword rich description of the photo. When you mention another blogger or article in your blog post, include a link to the information you are referencing. Blog gives you real estate to place calls-to-action in order to convert. Include prominently placed RSS or Feed Subscription Buttons and offer viewers the ability to subscribe to your posts via email when possible. Whenever you publish a new blog post, you should automatically publish it to the main social networks