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Facebook Comment Moderation Tool

Facebook announced a new Facebook comment moderation tool feature that it released for creators, along with several other support features including live chat. The social media giant added new tools to help creators manage their post comments and a new live chat option to help with account lockouts.

Branded Hashtags: What Are They?

A branded hashtag is a custom hashtag specifically for your brand. It can be the name of your company, products, campaigns, or slogans that are true to you. A hashtag is one of the most powerful tools in your marketing toolbox and can seamlessly connect you to your desired audiences.

The Social Media Planning Cycle

Also known as an SMM plan, a social media marketing plan contains the details of what you hope to accomplish on social media. It includes the actions an organization must take to achieve realistic goals. These actions are in a constant state of movement and are part of the social media planning cycle. The social media planning cycle is a 9-step process to develop your SMM plan by following a continually evolving process.

Why Your Content Marketing Isn’t Working

The primary goal of all content is to stimulate the end user’s mind. When adhering to these endlessly repeating formats, what you’re doing is creating “me too” content. These attempts do nothing to separate your business from the thousands of others attempting these strategies. Having a unique voice allows you to take positions, and show your audience what’s important to you. If this message resonates, you can develop an authentic following, and become an actual thought leader in your industry. The issue with doing it the way “everyone else is doing,” is that there is no reason to listen to you above any other competitor.

Spring Marketing Tips (Updated for 2021)

When people think of seasonal marketing, it’s usually paired to contests and promotions. Just like your business, this is a time of the year where many prospects are evaluating how far they’ve come for the year. Consider giving away something that provides value, and stir some interest from the local community. Contests and Promotion are one of the finest tools available to generate immediate attention. However, knowing how to make a contest (on facebook, email, or any other marketing channel) makes a huge difference.

10 Ways to Increase Your Followers on Social Media

Success on social platforms is determined by your level of persistence and how willing you are to put yourself out there. While no one tactic is guaranteed to enhance your number of followers, combining a few is sure to garner some positive results. Whether you’re a small business looking to expand your digital presence or are just aiming to make a friend or two, here are ten things that you can do to increase your number of followers on social media. 1: Put Yourself Out There 2: Create Content that’s Worth Following 3: Stay Away from Controversial Topics and Opinions 4: Take Advantage of Mutual Friends 5: Establish a Tone and Voice 6: Post Content on a Regular Basis 7: Interact with the Followers You Have 8: Be Genuine in Your Efforts 9: Use Your Social Media Presence to Promote Your Social Media 10: Stay Positive With the following of these tips, you’re well on your way to establishing the social media presence you envision.

Say What Now? How to Build an Online Reputation

In order to build a reputation worthy of increasing your SEO and driving traffic to your website, some work will need to be done. We’ve discussed the significance of a reputation management, now it’s time to talk about laying the foundation for your status on the digital landscape. Building an online reputation is one of the key requirements in driving traffic to your site and increasing your overall SEO score. No one wants to check out a business with a poor reputation. By staying ahead of the game, communicating with your audience, and delivering news to where it needs to be, people will be talking about your business in no time.

How to Engage Your Audience with Social Media

With the growth of technology, social media is one of the more important platforms for entertainment, culture and even more recently—business.  As people are turning to their different social media outlets hourly, it is important that businesses know what, how and when to post for a more engaging audience. A clever way to engage with your audience through social media is being relevant. In a time where people would rather watch than read, it is important to share pictures and videos with relevance to current events. Engaging with your audience on a personal level has great usefulness as well. In order for people to return and show valid interest, answering their questions, liking their comments, tagging and replying to their comments can make them want to further inquire about what it is you are selling and/or marketing for. Being consistent with the content is also a way to keep engaging with your audience also. It is essential to know when to post your content whether it be videos or pictures. Developing a certain time frame for when you display more content can get you an active audience.

Online Reputation Management Services in Long Island

In the fast-moving world of business, reputation means everything. Nowadays people go off of what they hear rather than what see and experience. References and letters of recommendations have a tendency to hold more weight than resumes and portfolios. When it comes to running a successful business in today’s digital age, you’re going to need online reputation management services. Too many times have good companies been ruined by a poor online reputation. Your online reputation means everything and it can be the difference between someone clicking on your website or moving on to the next one. Online reputation management services are a necessity in today’s digital age, and with the right one, your business will remain in safe hands.