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Digital Marketing

Why Influencer Marketing Is the Next Big Thing

Influencer marketing is all about an individual that personifies what your business is about and has the same goals in mind. By associating your business with someone that has the ear of the people, you provide yourself with the platform necessary to expose your brand to an entirely new audience. Websites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram allow individuals share their voice with thousands of people with a click of a button. This gives local businesses much more incentive to invest in influencer marketing as their brand message can be spread to the masses in a similar matter. One thing that many small and local businesses are missing is a brand personality. This is what gives your business a specific look and feel and allows you to connect with your audience. Investing in an influencer can provide your brand with the sense of personality it needs while also introducing you to a whole new audience. Word of mouth marketing is still a powerful tool and fortunately influencers take that a step further. Critics and journalists are among some of the most popular influencers, as they have garnered a following of people that will not make a decision without their approval.

Best Practices for Promoting Your Business on Social Media

As the key to establishing a digital presence, social media provides you with the perfect platform to directly engage your audience. By following these practices you can develop a social media presence that’ll allow you to promote your business, as well as its products and services. Websites like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, allow you to share content, drop in on consumer conversations, and develop integrated campaigns in promotion of your products and services. Facebook and Twitter are usually the two profiles that every business has, with the others being utilized for specific purposes. When it comes to creating content for social media, ensure that it is creative, relevant, and informative. Anything being posted should be done so with the goal of either engaging or informing the reader. Setting social media objectives will allow you to track your progress and measure your performance. Your business page should have a distinct look and feel to it that lets consumers know that you’re unique. When writing content for your social media pages, try to find a specific tone and stick to it, whether it be humorous or professional. Creating a profile that is unique entices visitors to stick and may even lead them to check out your website. Analyzing your social media activity shows you where you need to improve compared to where you’re excelling.

25 Social Media Content Ideas

Success on social media is dependent on the type of content your produce. Posting the same type of post day after day is sure to your disengage your audience, which will cause them to eventually check out. Your social media page is all about promoting your brand. No matter what format of content you’re using, your brand should be a representation in some way, shape, or form. Generate hype and anticipation for an event by posting about it days or maybe weeks ahead of time. Whether they’re new or recycled, share your blog content on a consistent basis to keep your audience engaged in what you have to say. This can benefit your blog’s SEO ranking, which will increase its visibility in the process. The purpose of social media is to keep people informed. Share articles, reports, editorials, and tips that are both relevant to your business and your audience’s interest.

Rise to the Top! Digital Marketing Strategies for a Startup

Fortunately, thanks to the rise of digital marketing, and the internet in general, getting your startup business off the ground isn’t as difficult as it once was. The good thing about digital marketing is that you’re never alone. There’s always a group of professionals ready to assist you in improving your online presence. By placing your trust in the right digital marketing strategy and utilizing proper tactics, your tiny startup has the potential to grow into a million dollar corporation of its own. Success in a startup is not just about having a great product and financial stability, but showing consumers how your business differentiates from those already out there.

#Saycheese: Using images to promote your brand on social media

Images play a pivotal role in conveying messages between businesses and their consumers. With the rise of social media, companies now have an additional platform to promote their brand. No matter what type of social media platform you’re utilizing, images are a great way to effectively engage your audience. The right type of image can tell consumers more about your business than any amount of text can. Visual content is a great way of engaging your audience on more personal level. By letting them into your business, showing off your fun side, and providing them with variety of different images, you have the potential to expose them to your brand in a way that words alone wouldn’t allow you to do. As Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and now Snapchat continue to grow in popularity, the use of images will only become more essential to success on social media.

Looking For Us? Yelp Facts for The Local Search Engine Results Page allows users to check out businesses that they are interested in visiting and seeing what others think about their products and services through customer reviews. As one of the largest customer review sites, it goes without saying that positive reviews can do great things for your small to medium sized businesses. Not only can Yelp help bring in more customers but also greatly optimize your website on local search engines. On the contrary, negative reviews can lead to a decrease in customers, with the same applying to your search ranking. Because Yelp can have such an effect on your business, we think it’s important that we take you through five facts about the popular customer review site and how they apply to you.

#Instabusiness: How to Use Instagram to Promote Your Business

In the world of business, visuals are everything. The average consumer comes with a “show, don’t tell” attitude, relying on what they can see to make a decision, rather than what they’re told. Over the last couple of years Instagram has skyrocketed in popularity thanks to its ability to share photos and videos with others in an instant. With millions of members and a widespread influence, businesses are now starting to join in order to better promote their brand. When used correctly, Instagram is a powerful marketing tool. Remember that a picture speaks a thousand words and with the right type of images, you’ll have a loyal following of your own in no time.

The Social Media Mirror: How Facebook and Google Can Determine Your Brand Identity

Your brand should have a unique look, feel, voice, and even personality if you want to relate to a specific audience or group of consumers. Thanks to the internet and social media, ordinary people have been given a platform to voice their opinion, and with that, the ability to influence others in how they perceive certain businesses and identify with them. Google, being the world’s most popular search engine, has a large influence on who views your business and how they feel about it. When it comes to finding your business online, it’s all about specificity and making your brand stand out among the others. Your identity should be associated with something unique that Google can relate and link to. Analyzing your Facebook audience can show you what type of brand you need to be, while Google can teach you how to specify your attributes to your location in order to make it easily searchable. Keep in mind that identity is everything and that social media can be the first step to finding out what kind of brand you really are.

Digital Marketing Mistakes & Accounting Companies: A Major Miscalculation

One area of accounting that many tend to skip over is digital marketing. At its core, digital marketing is the source of potential business and maintaining the relationship between current clients. With that said, the average accountant is not digital marketing expert, therefore they are sure to make a mistake or two when attempting to engage their audience. he only way your firm stands a chance at being found on search engines like Google and Yahoo is by utilizing SEO (search engine optimization). Through the use of keywords and specialized links, search engines are able to identify to with your website and move it up the results. he only way your firm stands a chance at being found on search engines like Google and Yahoo is by utilizing SEO (search engine optimization). Through the use of keywords and specialized links, search engines are able to identify to with your website and move it up the results. Whether it’s your customer service, professional stature, or the fact that you offer donuts at the door, market what you do that’s different, not just who you are. This shows your true value and what differentiates you from the rest.

Digital Marketing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Digital content marketing is a technique of distributing and disseminating useful information to your target audience over the internet. Through digital content marketing, your business can communicate with your present and potential customers using search engines, email and social media. A business without a brand, is sort of like a new car without a nice coat of paint; it’s kind of just of there. Consumers prefer to associate themselves with businesses that have a brand they can relate to. By establishing a brand identity, you’re showing that your business is more than just its products but also contains a personality and a look and feel that your audience can connect with. Don’t allow your business to become one of a million. Create a brand that makes your organization unique and one that consumers will be excited about exploring.