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Colorado SEO Company

Weather you’re in Denver or Boulder, SEO is going to play an important role in the online visibility of your business.

You have a fantastic website with all the bells and whistles. It contains original, credible content, provides timely and helpful information to users, and it’s easy to navigate. It’s also well organized, interactive, and is a secure site. In spite of all this goodness, potential customers are not finding their way to your site, because your company doesn’t come up as one of the top sites listed on the search engine. In fact, your pages might not come up until page 2, 4, 10, or more – and it is common knowledge that users tend to start at the top of page 1 and work their way down until they find the information they’re looking for. Many users don’t get beyond the first 3 or 4 entries on the search engine, and very few make it to page 4.

How are individuals or companies seeking services or products going to be able to find your website? A Colorado SEO company can help by using a method called search engine optimization, which will dramatically improve your Internet traffic. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the tool which can improve the search engine rankings of your web pages. It does this by enlarging your keyword potential. A Colorado SEO company won’t use nonsensical keyword cramming on your site so that it will rise to the top of search engine results. Instead, it will use a tried and true method that will comply with a search engine’s algorithm to choose the best and most authoritative webpages to appear at the top of their search pages.

SEO Audit and Strategy

First, this SEO company will analyze your webpages, and figure out how people that are interested in your services and products search for what they want. There are databases that contain this type of information. Second, the Colorado SEO company will compile a list of common search terms. The more a search term is used, the more traffic it will send to your website. Third, the websites of the companies that are holding the highest rankings will be analyzed to see how many times they utilize the particular phrases. Fourth, your website will be updated with successful keywords and phrases. Fifth, these words and phrases will be put on the most important part of the page. Sixth, the number of sites that link to your site are important to Google, so these will be studied and analyzed.

Of course this is an ongoing process, and the rankings of your webpages will have to be monitored constantly. One month your SEO ranking might be at the top; then, some new trend comes along and your ranking will drop. Each new SEO change that is added to your webpage will be monitored as well, to see which words and phrases have generated increased views or orders. A Colorado SEO company is an expert in raising and monitoring your webpage rankings.

It’s very important that your webpages have interesting and useful content that other webpages will want to share. If you write a blog that contains information that others like, then they’ll link to your page. The more people that link to your page, the higher your ratings will rise, because Google’s algorithm will note how much traffic your site is generating. Think of links to your page as votes for your page. The words within a link, called the anchor text, is also noted and ranked by Google and other search engines.

Not only do the words on your page have to be interesting, while at the same time containing relevant keywords and keyword phrases, but your webpages also need to provide information that can be obtained by doing video searches, image searches, news searches, and industry specific searches. It’s important to cross link between pages of your website as well, so that your rankings will rise with internal usage of your pages. The title tags and meta descriptions of your pages will also need to contain relevant keywords to increase your webpage traffic, but it’s important that these aren’t stuffed with keywords, because keyword stuffing can, and is, detected by search engines and they will cause your rankings to fall.

Search Quality Guidelines

Google released, in November 2015, a 160 page guideline entitled Search Quality Rating Guidelines. This document explains a shift in search engine thinking that focuses more on the “usefulness” of a particular webpage, as well as how adaptable the page is for mobile searches. A Colorado SEO company can monitor all of the many changes in the industry, and make sure that your particular web pages will rank as high as possible, so that search engine seekers will be able to find your quality information and products with ease.

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