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As a Delaware company, it is important to have as many channels available to you as possible in order to market your product and/or service. The way in which this is accomplished is through a combination of paid, owned, earned and media (P.O.E.M.). Any marketing strategy that incorporates P.O.E.M. includes search engine optimization or SEO. SEO employs the use of keywords and other aids in content your Delaware company provides, in order to make it easier for your company to be found on-line by customers and prospects. Using a Delaware SEO company can help you formulate a P.O.E.M., incorporating SEO, appropriate for your company.

Why is it important for your company to consider an SEO strategy? The best information available more than suggests that the incorporation of an SEO strategy helps you increase your online visibility at a higher return on investment (ROI) than other forms of marketing. There are several reasons for considering an effective SEO strategy for your business and why you should considering a Delaware SEO company in this field to assist you with maximizing your SEO marketing efforts at the lowest possible cost.

SEO Costs

As mentioned, SEO provides you with a way to maximize the number of online reaches to customers and prospects for your business at a lower cost. Your actual cost will depend on the type of SEO project you are engaged in, whether a one-time promotion, such as small business Saturday or other offering related to the holidays like Christmas or the Fourth of July, or an ongoing project that requires constant updating.

A article places the cost of SEO for small businesses at a retainer rate of $250-$500; for larger companies involving campaigns of a national and international scale, this cost is from $10,000 and more. Spending from $3,000 to $120,000 or more annually on a coordinated SEO effort can help you find those customers you have been unable to reach before and expand your influence, which in turn should increase your revenue potential.

The Importance of Search Engine Optimization

The internet is not dead. In fact, the advent of big data, Internet of Things (IoT) and other uses of all of the data that has been left floating throughout the world wide web means there exists a greater opportunity to mine every corner of the earth in order to expand your reach and influence. As an example, a small subset of data as online reviews has an interest of 80-90% of web users, who check this information about companies daily. Being able to reach these people and direct their attention and focus toward your company is a value-add that a Delaware SEO company can provide for your business.

Keeping Your Message Fresh and Current

SEO works best when it feeds off a steady stream of new and relevant content. Search engine giants such as Google and Yahoo! have changed the algorithms used to rank websites, based on their relevancy to a searched keyword entered by a user. Gone are the days of irrelevant results being tied to a search engine result. Google, through several updates to its search engine, has engaged in penalizing companies who have been involved in ”gaming” the system in order to drive web traffic based on irrelevant content.

Keeping content relevant means it has to stay current. This effort may be taxing for small companies and is a task that should be handled by an experienced Delaware SEO company. Content is the fuel that powers your SEO success, so having a partner who can generate new, relevant content for your Delaware business helps you keep in line with search engine rules and increase your opportunity for top search engine rankings.

Staying Ahead of the Competition

Your biggest reason for engaging in an SEO strategy, as part of your P.O.E.M., is because if you don’t, your competitor is/will. A healthy online presence that is designed to provide relevant information to a customer’s inquiry and redirect their focus to you and your website is the result of a well managed and monitored SEO campaign. Not having one means that your competition wins those customers who should be doing business with your company.

Let a Delaware SEO company help you determine the best SEO strategy for your business, based on both the needs of your company and your budget. You can decide whether a one-time promotion is the way for your business to go, for a specific product or service or if you need to invest in a long-term, on-going campaign, managed and monitored by a third-party expert. Capture those opportunities that you are currently missing through a coordinated SEO effort designed specifically for you.

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