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The 3 Benefits of Branding

Creates Identity

Branding allows your audience to associate various objects, colors, words, or personalities with your business so that next time they come across them, they’ll think of you.

Adjust to current trends

Practically every business has their brand identity, constantly adapting popular trends. Crafting a brand that is both unique and adaptable will prevent your business from being left behind.

New Look & Feel

Your business should be about more than just your products. Branding gives your company an established look, whether it is professionally serious or silly and fun. This lets your audience know exactly what kind of business you are.

Full service digital branding

Digital Ads

Target Points creates digital ads for your website, social media, blogs, and other areas, ensuring that they not only stand out from the rest, but also that they are coupled with the right message to attract consumers.

Digital Branding

Target Points creates user-friendly templates, specific to your business, for your website, blog, and emails. Our creative department also provides you with creatively designed logos and taglines to help enhance brand association.

Video Creation

With our help, present your audience with beautiful videos that accurately convey your company’s goals and objectives, remain consistent with your brand’s identity and personality, as well as provide viewers with a sense of engagement.


Just for you, we craft:

Your brand is what connects your audience to your business. Outside of your actual products and services, it’s what they buy into. Allow us to create a brand that is specific to your company and one that is immediately identifiable by your audience.

Ready to talk about your project?

The drawing board

Even though it’s the first step, it’s also where we spend most of our time. Our branding specialists research who your audience is, what problems you’re looking to remedy, benefits your business provides, and the overall promise you’d like to make to your consumers. In addition to your own personal recommendations, we take all of these factors into account in order to create your brand identity.


Once we have all the information we need, we begin work on establishing your brand identity. This is more than just creating a cool logo and catchy tagline, as a brand identity includes templates, colors, images, videos and anything else that can be applied to your business.
Based on our exploratory research, we create a brand personality that will influence the overall development of your identity.
Brand personality directly reflects your brand voice. Your brand voice is how your business communicates with its audience on social media, your website, blog, and digital ads.
From there, it is all about defining a brand look for your business, carefully choosing the right colors, font, and images to implement into the look brand including your logo. This is where our graphic designers and copywriters come in handy, ensuring brand consistency throughout the design process.

Initial Review

After your brand identity has been created, it is then put through the review process by the Target Points team. It is here where the creative team is provided with notes and adjustments on the best potential strategies.


Now that the branding concept has been approved internally, it’s time for you to view the finished product. You will be provided with up to five custom designs proposals for you to choose from. If you have any reservations regarding the branding strategy, personality, voice, or look now is the time to say so.

Final Brand Identity

Based on any feedback received, we make last minute adjustments before your brand identity is completed.We provide you with everything you need for your new brand identity including copies of your logo behind various backgrounds, email and website templates complete with your brand look and feel.

The drawing board
Initial Review
Final Brand Identity

Long Island

Digital Branding

Branding; everyone’s doing it.

What Defines Your Brand?

A brand is like an extension of your business, providing it with a personality and something that consumers can connect with. Without this, you run the risk of completely missing your audience as they will perceive you as just another business selling a product.

Target Points assists with developing your brand on a digital level with our digital identity creation services. Our team of branding specialists provide you with the tools to help your business stand out, while also integrating your newly established brand identity throughout the web including social media.