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Weather you’re in Honolulu or Maui, online marketing is a core component of a modern business. Digital Marketing strategies such as SEO help increase your organic traffic, cutting costs on paid advertising efforts and bringing in a consistent stream of potential clients. Many companies stop at web design, and end up with a significant problem: nobody is visiting the site! That’s when you begin to look for marketing consultants or agencies to send attention towards your newly updated website. We’re here to help fully realize your vision with high-quality digital marketing services. Talk with our team to determine potential marketing advancements.

If you are visiting our website, you are probably curious about SEO and what its does. First it helps to know what this marketing catchphrase means. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Every time you search for anything using Google, Bing, or other search engines on the web, you enter a keyword you want to find. The engines then look for websites that match those keywords and return to you a list of sites that they think match what you are looking for. They look at the content provided on your home page, social media sites, videos and sidebars to find what services you provide, your location and who your target audience might be. If you want to improve traffic to your site, and raise the profitability of your business, you need to be using a Hawaii SEO company to help you place the words that will direct potential customers and clients to your website.


How Can SEO Help My Business?

If you open Google and search for your business through the use of common terms such as “hardware store” and “Honolulu” and your website pops up in the first twenty search results, you are doing everything right. If you have to scroll through pages and pages of possible suggestions before you find your site, SEO can help you. Do you click through several pages of search results to find the information you want? Probably not. People looking for your product or service will do the same thing. Once they find a store or service that meets their criteria, they stop looking. If you are currently ranked on the fourth or fifth page, you are missing out on business. Through strategic placement of words and images, a good Hawaii SEO company will improve your ranking within the engines, resulting in more visits to your page, more interest in your company and finally more money in your pocket.

What Kind of Changes Can I Expect to See on an Optimized Website?

It doesn’t mean you have to go through a complete redesign of your site. Sometimes simply adding a word or two in the first paragraph, the last paragraph, updating your meta-tags and including short videos on your site will do the job. A well-executed SEO strategy results in an attractive page–that you already have–that works with the search engines through use of the right keywords.

Sometimes in an effort to be unique, companies opt to remove common search words from their content in order to stand out. Unfortunately, that just means the engines simply ignore the site. We’ll review which keywords should be used and ensure they are included in your informative content in an easy to read and understandable manner that is friendly to Google et al as well. This can usually be accomplished through a simple update that does not take your website down at all.

How Can I Tell if SEO is Helping?

The most important part of SEO is actively monitoring and changing content as the engines alter their algorithms. As the business owner, you have more important things to pay attention to rather than checking on your SEO performance on a regular basis. You want your website to simply work and once you’ve approved the final design expect to be able to ignore it. This doesn’t work when you want to stay on top of the search ratings. Your Hawaii SEO company will provide you with hard statistics that shows which keywords are working and which ones don’t help your results. Specialized reports will show you results, click through rates and customer capture with a few extra widgets installed on your site. Of course, the easiest way to tell is do that simple search you tried at the top of this page. When you see your company appearing in the Top 10 results, you will also see your phone ringing much more often.

Can’t I Just Do SEO Once?

Of course you can, but the benefits won’t stick around as time goes by and people use new words to look for older services. It will ultimately be up to you, but when you keep your website updated and fresh it helps to not only help the search engines find you more often, it also reflects a commitment to remaining current to your clients. The most effective means to remain successful on search engines to do commit to a long-term relationship with an SEO company capable of monitoring your ongoing performance and suggesting changes as time goes by.

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