Working for an SEO company has its ups and downs, you’ll have your great days, and other times, due to the amount of work dished out to you, and the stress of meeting deadlines will be daunting sometimes.

But I have never felt overwhelmed or even underwhelmed with my work

I really enjoy working at an SEO company as a digital marketer, providing multiple digital marketing facets, and so do all of my colleagues too.

You Get to Learn from Other Businesses and Their Industries

Working at an SEO company is a whole lot of fun. As for me, I really enjoy meeting interesting clients with unique businesses.

As a general marketer, I find it very intriguing to learn more about the multiple industries that seek our SEO and digital marketing services.

In order to build proper SEO campaigns, or other digital marketing strategies for that matter, it’s important to do good quality digital marketing research on the industry you are working for.

Knowing their SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) analysis can give you a great understanding of how to maybe approach that company’s marketing tactics on a digital level.

Researching your client’s current digital marketing standings will keep you on your toes, but getting to know the industry they are in, as well as the competition they are facing will give you a competitive advantage in this field.

Not only is it competitive to compete in our clients industries, but as a digital agency and SEO company that services digital marketing techniques, we are thoroughly researching the best digital marketing and SEO practices needed to win against the competition.

The more we learn, the better we become as an SEO company and as digital marketing practitioners. This knowledge we gain about the different industries we compete in, gives us a unique edge, as we learn more new things from many different types of businesses.

We can curate a unique and perhaps a better marketing tactic and strategy on a digital level, than let’s say the competition could because of what we have learned while working for these multiple clients of ours in multiple industries.

So this is why I enjoy working at an SEO company the most; it’s because I get to learn about new industries, and how unique they are as a digital marketer who does SEO for an SEO company.

The knowledge I obtain working for all of my clients will make me a more effective digital marketer and SEO consultant and practitioner.

Learn More about the Modern and Advance Practices of SEO

One of our Junior SEO practitioners in our SEO agency, enjoys working at our SEO Company, because she wants to learn more about SEO. For her, money is always a factor to wanting to come to work, but this young colleague of mine enjoys learning more about how to do better SEO tactics and techniques.

She enjoys working at the SEO Company because this environment gives her a leeway to learn how to be a better practitioner in SEO and digital marketing as a whole.

So, although I enjoy learning about the new industries our clients compete in, one of my colleagues enjoys learning about SEO in general, so she can be great at it.

I commend her for her efforts, and I respect her enthusiasm. SEO is a place where learning is key to staying on top of things amongst the competition who also practice digital marketing.

Being able to learn the modern techniques and strategies, as well as useful digital tools, and getting a better understanding of the digital tools you can utilize for digital marketing, will give you great advantages in our field.

So the more you learn, the better you will be in our industry of digital marketing.
If you like to learn and do research about SEO and other digital marketing techniques, it will be fun for you to work at an SEO company and its similitude.

Everyone Treats Each Other like Equals, No Boss, We Are All Friends Here

Being able to work together with others is a great thing. But being able to work well with each other as friends will make your work experience and life a bit more positive than usual.

When your friends at your work environment (which includes everyone in your department at least) has your back when you need it the most. You find that the teamwork and the quality of work done is a lot more substantial, and the outcome becomes a lot more logical and realistic.

I have to admit, because we treat each other like friends and equals (including our boss) we seem to get more quality work done.

No one is pushing the other down, nor are we holding each other back. There sure is competition in our agency, but what great SEO Company doesn’t become infamous without a bit of competition in house, and outside of the work environment?

It’s good to compete, because competition breeds creativity, am I right?

Who Doesn’t Love a Bit of Teamwork?

When I first started out at the agency, I had quickly learned that, not all people are team players. To say the least, we had lots of interns come in, some made the cut, others were not so fortunate.

Another one of my colleagues has told me that, the reason why he loves working at our Digital Marketing and SEO Company, is because of the teamwork we have.

We get the job done, and we care about each other, and the quality of work we put in.

We are all open to criticism, because it feels more like a family than friends when we work at this SEO Company in Garden City, NY. But at the end of the day, he says that, knowing you and your team can work well together can make a huge difference to getting quality work done.

Like I said, some of the people I started off with, including managers couldn’t make the cut, and were subsequently let go. Not because they were terrible workers, but primarily because, they didn’t benefit the team more or less.

It’s one thing to be able to do quality work, it’s another thing when you can be a supportive team member, and a team player.

There Is a Good Mix of Creativity and Technical Work

Working at a Digital Marketing and SEO agency really requires you to know the difference of what truly is marketing, and what technical digital operations are.

In order to do digital marketing, and good SEO practices, you will need to know what marketing is first. Be creative with your marketing and SEO strategies. Do what you can to gain the best results and higher ROI.

Once you have created a great digital marketing and SEO campaign, the next step is to actually implement them.

Now, in order to implement digital marketing and SEO campaigns, you’ll need to know the digital intricacies that will require you to have knowledge of before you can get any digital marketing results.

What I mean here is, in order to achieve digital marketing success, you need to know what the word digital means in digital marketing.

Digital really means, knowing the digital channels and tools to help you achieve your digital marketing goals.

This type of company, an SEO Company and digital marketing agency is a great balance of creativity and digital applications.

You will need both to be a better digital marketer.

Knowing both makes you a better asset in the digital marketing world, and it will also be fun to learn if you like this kind of work.

Working at an SEO Company Is Fun, Because It’s Endless

When I went around the digital agency I work for, asking them why working here was fun for them, I was very intrigued to hear one of New York City’s best SEM and SEO consultant, rated by LinkedIn, to answer my question.

I wanted to know why he loved working at our agency and why working at an SEO company is so much fun for him.

He looked at me while I asked the question “Why do you have fun working at a digital and SEO company?”

He replied back with a smile “I enjoy working in digital marketing and SEO because it is endless.”

I pondered for a second, wondering what he meant. But then I understood what he meant completely.

Digital marketing is somewhat of a new practice, every business should be involved in the digital world somehow. With that said, digital companies like Google is doing whatever they can to make sure their services are better and more user friendly.

Digital as far as we know is developing, and always increasing.

It’s in our best interest to stay with the times, and see the updates of the digital world, so we can learn how to make better digital marketing campaigns and decisions.

Ultimately, the goal is to make sure we are ahead of the competition in digital marketing tactics and techniques, as well as to grow with digital, as digital changes the whole world.

Working at an SEO company and at a digital marketing agency in general is fun. There is always something new for you to do, learn, and grow with as you continue to work for an SEO and digital marketing agency.


All in all, it seems like I am not the only one who enjoys working at an SEO company, or a digital marketing agency as a whole.

My colleagues and I enjoy the type of work we do, and we have built great friendships that have stemmed from our hard work and comradery.

We also have made great friends with our clients as well.