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How to Pin Posts to Your Instagram Profile

Instagram has continued its history of evolving and adapting to the needs of its users by releasing a new feature this month which allows to pin posts to a profile. This new innovation gives users the option to keep up to 3 posts at the top of their feed, allowing visitors to get a glimpse of must-see content. Pinned content can be from photos, videos, or reels that have been posted in the past. Grid pinning was originally tested earlier this year starting in April 2022, with the full feature rolled out to all accounts on June 8, 2022. The feature lets users highlight any post, ensuring a sponsorship or new release doesn’t get lost within the post grid.

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Pin Posts to Your Instagram Profile

How do I pin a post to my Instagram profile?

To utilize this cool new feature, simply go to your Instagram feed and select a photo, video, or reel that you want to feature. At the top right of the selected post, click the 3 dots. Once you click the 3 dots above the post, it will bring up a menu: simply select “Pin to your profile” near the bottom of the list. Doing so will take the photo out of its current spot on your feed and place it at the very top of your grid, where your most recent post currently is. You can pin up to 3 posts, taking up the first row of your post grid if you choose to do so. To unpin a post, simply follow the same steps as pinning the post, but select “Unpin from profile.” This will revert the unpinned post to its original place within your post grid, putting it back in chronological order as you once had it.

  1. Open Instagram
  2. Go to Your Profile Grid
  3. Select a Post You Want to Highlight
  4. Tap the 3 Dots to the Upper Right of the Post
  5. Select “Pin to Your Profile”
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A Quick Guide to Pin and Unpin a Post

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