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Letter From the CEO

J Ronald Nazaire

I established Target Points with the belief that a sound marketing strategy is something that every business is entitled to. Working as an accountant and business advisor for many years, one thing that I always found myself recommending to my clients was to hire a marketing agency. It takes a certain team of individuals to develop a successful strategy that will intrigue and attract your audience into buying whatever it is you have to offer. However, due to the high cost associated with more traditional forms of marketing, many small and medium-sized businesses are discouraged from utilizing these outlets. As we entered the technological age, I notice something – there was another, a more efficient, way for businesses to promote their products and services. That way was digital marketing.

No longer would businesses have to shell out hundreds of thousands of dollars in order to get their brand in front their target audience. Thanks to the rise of digital marketing and the internet as a whole, companies could expand their influence and communicate with prospective consumers in a much more affordable manner. It was with this realization, that I formed the foundation that would become Target Points. After spending so many years recommending marketing agencies to my clients, I have now made it my mission to provide the services that many failed to while at an affordable cost. I truly believe that for every business, product, or service there is an ideal consumer. At Target Points, we make the connection between consumer and business more apparent to both parties while utilizing some of digital marketing’s best tactics and techniques.

Failing to effectively market yourself can have disastrous effects on your business long-term. One thing that I have worked to instill in every member of Target Points’ team is that we are not just creating a digital strategy for tomorrow but rather for the next five years. Digital marketing means more just creating a fancy website or ranking number one on Google. Instead, it is about crafting something that your audience can relate to and get behind. A good digital strategy attracts customers but a spectacular strategy builds brand loyalty – something every business is out to achieve. That being said, at Target Points, we only strive for the spectacular.

The right strategy must feel personalized, structured, and easily convey a clear message. None of this would be possible without the meticulous selection of a wonderful and talented team. Every member of Target Points’ staff is a technical and creative powerhouse in their own right, each bringing something new to the table. Comprised of copywriters, web developers, graphic designers, video animators and digital strategists, I made it a priority to seek out individuals who were capable of viewing marketing tactics in a new and inventive fashion. What makes Target Points’ team so special is the synergy that we generate when bringing fresh ideas to the forefront. We approach every project with a general sense of cohesiveness, which is something that is accurately represented in our diverse portfolio.

The beauty of digital marketing is in its endless possibilities. Whether we’re working in web design, search engine optimization, or Social media, there is no limit in which these tactics can be creatively utilized to communicate with your core audience. Our vision is one that depicts small and medium sized businesses being provided with the same marketing opportunities as their larger counterparts. We make it our goal to even the playing field and give businesses a chance to tell their audience why they’re the right fit. Target Points is not just about offering marketing services but instead giving businesses a voice.

As we move forward, Target Points only seeks to continue to assist businesses with reaching their ideal audience through new and innovative mediums. Target Points is only growing and we’d love for you to accompany us on this road to success. If you have any questions about how to effectively engage your audience, don’t hesitate to give us a call or send a message at any time. As the founder and CEO of Target Points, I am personally excited by the idea of assisting your business in reaching new heights. Let’s get out there and make a difference. Best of luck in all of your digital marketing endeavors and don’t forget to check out everything Target Points has to offer. Click here to view my digital marketing certifications.

J Ronald Nazaire
Founder and CEO of Target Points Inc.