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Target Points Inc

Digital Marketing

Pay-Per-Click Marketing

Target Relevant Audiences

Market Research

Our experts research keywords and then take it a step further with negative keyword research to ensure your ads are as targeted as possible.

Campaign Building

Structuring your campaign properly is as important as choosing the right keywords. We'll do all the heavy lifting for you.

Ad Optimizations

Using negative keywords, A/B Testing and more, we'll make your ad responsive and ensure it reaches audiences that will drive the most conversions.

Managed PPC

Budgeting, remarketing, and conversion analysis are some of the perks of trusting the Target Points team to manage your pay per click campaigns.

Landing Pages

Be direct, be succinct. Drive up conversion with a landing page that guides your PPC customers to make a purchase decision without being redirected.

Competitive Analysis

Attention to detail is a core value of Target Points. We monitor how competitive your campaigns are and concentrate your dollars where they are performing best.