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Campaign Set Up

Target Points gets your AdWords campaign off the ground, deciding which networks will suit your business the best, and developing efficient techniques to better optimize your ad presence.

Ad Optimization

Optimization is not only restricted to your website and blog’s content as they can also be utilized in your AdWords campaign. Target Points provides your content with the optimization tactics required to put your ads at the top of the list.

PPC Maintenance

The best thing about our PPC maintenance services is that you don’t have to do a thing. Let us do all the heavy lifting as we effectively manage your PPC campaign and budget, while conveying your messages in a concise manner.

Landing Page Optimization

Landing pages play a primary role in the inbound marketing process as they guide leads along the buyer’s journey. Target Points optimizes your landing pages, increasing the chances of prospective clients coming across them on search engines.

Keyword Research

Target Points applies keyword research to your Pay-Per-Click campaign (PPC), working to discover only the best ones related to your products and service to optimize your ads.

Analysis & Reports

With AdWords campaigns come tons of information and analytics to sift through. Fortunately Target Points handles the reporting portion of your campaign, tracking performance and keeping a look out for invalid clicks.


We’re Experts In:

The success of your PPC campaign depends on your ability to develop an effective strategy. Fortunately, Target Points takes on the responsibility from beginning to end – from your campaign’s initial setup to analyzing its performance and ensuring that you reach your ideal audience.

Our boutique Long Island agency is routinely chosen over PPC agencies in Manhattan. This is because of our high-level results. Our laser-targeted paid media campaigns routinely outperform the CPL and CPA's offered by most NYC-based firms, while establishing quality control.

While we happily provide transparent reporting and communicative service, we don't attempt to sell prospects based on these factors alone. Pay-per-click strategies are about one thing: generating results.

We want to ensure you get the most 'bang for your buck' - so we focus more on optimization strategies, competitor research, and extensive monitoring of the account itself. There are many overlooked components to paid campaigns when you go with another agency. They can be very "set it and forget it," or place more of an emphasis on meetings and reports.

These are helpful tools to understand results, but when you outsource this work to an agency, what's most important is that they are driving stats you and your team would not be able to generate on their own.

Our landing pages convert in the top 10% of all industries, with experience in highly competitive verticals such as: medical, real estate, auto, construction, pest control, and professional services.

If you have an existing campaign, weather it has bene set up in-house or by an agency, we will likely be able to find room for improvement in your account during the first month. We have spent years honing our craft, and are happy to show you the difference in what we bring to the table.

Ready to talk about your SEM project?


In the initial step of the process, Our search engine marketing specialists conduct research on your business, products, website, and competition that assists with developing an effective AdWords campaign.


Our search engine marketing specialists now utilize the information and insight garnered to begin planning out a Pay-per-click campaign that appeals to your audience while aligning your business objectives.

Campaign Creation

After a strategy has been established, it’s time to begin your search engine marketing campaign, setting up your account, and designing the ads that will be used.

Optimization & Maintenance

Our search engine marketing specialists monitor your campaign performance, while optimizing your ads through the use of relevant keywords.


The numbers are out! Our search engine marketing specialists provide a report detailing campaign performance, relevant clicks received and potential adjustments based on results.

Campaign Creation
Optimization & Maintenance

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Search Engine Marketing

How does PPC Marketing work?

Explore the Search & Display Networks

Google, being the innovative powerhouse that it is, has changed the way businesses can market their products and services with the introduction of Search Engine Marketing via pay-per-click campaigns. But what is it exactly? AdWords enables users to advertise their brand, products, and services online.

No longer stress about cost with the ability to control your campaign budget and Pay-Per-Click advertising, meaning you only have to pay when someone clicks on your ad. The addition of geo-marketing, also allows you to control who sees your ad in relation to the location of your business.

Divided into the Search and Display networks, AdWords opens the door for business owners looking to advertise without overspending. Advertising your business on search engines and other websites can be highly beneficial if you know who you’re targeting. With our SEM services, we can provide you with the design, keywords, and analytics that allow consumers to view your ads when they search for similar topics and phrases.