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100% Responsive

Fully compatible with phone, tablet, and desktop devices, our website designs ensure that no matter where they are in the world, your customers can find their way back to your business.

SEO Friendly

We craft content containing popular keywords used by consumers when searching for business just like yours, increasing your visibility among your audience.

Site map Creation

Do you know what you want on your website but not know how you want it? It’s a common issue as Target Points can create a site map that will make your website easy-to-navigate with as many or as little pages as you require.

Brand & Content Creation

Crafting customized content can be a difficult task. Our writers and branding specialists structure your content in a way that accurately conveys your messages, while using language specific to your brand to create a sense of consistency.

Social Media Integration

Target Points integrates your website will all of your social media channels to ensure that your audience never misses an update in relation to your business.

Payment Gateway

Target Points builds you an E-commerce website that both effectively promotes your products and services while also engaging audiences with high quality content. Your website includes Payment Gateway, allowing visitors to purchase your products directly online, via debit or credit card.

Animated Videos

Is your website missing that one special thing to bring it to life? Target Points’ animation department populates your site with fun and exciting videos and motion banners to keep visitors engaged as they explore.

Domain & Hosting

When it comes to getting your website domain registered, Target Points has you covered, providing an efficient web-hosting platform to utilize.

Google Place Integration

Integrating your site with Google Places will allow your consumers to receive specific directions on how to find their way to your business.

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Your website design should be:

Ensure that your website serves as an accurate representation of your business with the help of our web design services. Our web developers and specialists come equipped with the skills necessary to bring beauty out of your business.

Ready to talk about your web design project?


This is where we set the tone for what will become your website. In this stage, our Long Island Web Design Company will meet with you to discuss your ideas, goals, and objectives, while proposing potential layouts and its effect on functionality.


Once we have the information we need, it’s time to begin designing your site. Starting with a sitemap, Target Points' Long Island web designers will then move onto establishing a format and feel, along with the creating content to populate it.


The puzzle pieces have been set, and all we need to do is make them stick. Allow our Long Island web design company to now code the site, making it fully responsive with desktop and mobile devices, while polishing off any issues.


That’s a wrap! Your site is officially complete and awaits further review. As a Long Island web design company, we will then make any adjustments you would like before going live, in addition to discussing social media and blogging options.


The site is finished but the job is not over. From here on, support specialists from our Long Island web design company will take on the responsibility of providing maintenance to your website, ensuring that things continue to run smoothly.


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What is a Responsive Design?

Simple. Smart. Stunning for any Device

When it comes to digital marketing, your website is the first statement your brand makes online. However, not all sites are created equally. Due to some of the complexities associated with web development, a large amount of websites only function with desktop devices in mind. On the contrary, thanks to advancements in technology, consumers are finding themselves detached from standard desktop computers and moving more towards mobile devices. This is where responsive web design and Target Points step in.

Our Long Island web design company combine lush visuals and an easily-navigable sitemap with complete functionality and user-friendly features. Fully compatible with phone, tablet, and desktop devices, Target Points’ designs ensure that your customers will always be able to find their way back to your business as our layouts seamlessly adjust to whichever platform is being used.

It doesn’t just stop there as our Long Island web design company’s services host a variety of other features including SEO friendly content, social media integration, and customized templates matching your brand identity.

Turn your webpage into a work of art today with Target Points!