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Search Engine Optimization (SEO), when performed well, is a mixture of artistry and technology. By hiring Target Points, which provides New Hampshire SEO Services, according to the best practices, an organization will achieve the end goal, which is having a website with these characteristics:

  • Artistic Presentation and Fine Ascetics – The website looks terrific and visitors spend lots of time exploring the website because it is clean-looking, attractive, and the content is compelling.
  • Superb Technological Execution – The website works efficiently with fast page loading times and can display properly on any device (especially mobile devices) of any kind using any web browser.
  • Expert Configuration – The website ranks very high on the search engine results page (SERP) on all the major search engines. Google search engine is the first priority, followed by Bing, and then Yahoo, plus all the rest.

Best Practices for New Hampshire SEO Services

Here are the best practices that are currently the most useful for an organization located in New Hampshire:

Use Whitehat versus Blackhat

Whitehat SEO is the only type that is legitimate. Examples of whitehat SEO are using high-quality content on a website with lots of relevant keywords that are used in a natural way (no keyword stuffing) and that offer value to the reader.

Blackhat SEO is trickery and is illegal in some jurisdictions. Examples of blackhat SEO are fake backlinks, false “likes” on social media, and click fraud in pay-per-click campaigns. Avoid using blackhat SEO techniques or risk your website being banned from the search engines.

Learn About Customer Searches to Increase Customer Base

This method is a reverse-engineering style because it starts with the analysis of what your potential best customers are searching for on the Internet and the uses this information to drive the SEO efforts for a website. Understanding the popularity of keyword searches, by using Metadata analysis of what is being searched for, uncovers opportunities to target those persons in order to bring beneficial traffic to a website.

Use Localization and Geo-Targeting to Increase Sales

New Hampshire is like many other places, except for one very big difference. It is New Hampshire, not anywhere else. Many SEO efforts fail to live up to the best practices for SEO efforts because they do not place enough emphasis on localization when it is one of the main decision factors used by a client/customer to select a product or service.

A person who needs a plumber for an emergency repair in a city in New Hampshire is not at all interested in plumbers from Texas. SEO efforts need to be tailored to use local keywords and keyword phrases if appropriate for the business.

Use Non-Localization SEO for Global Market Expansion

The opposite of localization is non–localization and typically this SEO effort includes working in multiple languages. For example, if a company is an online retail merchant that sells hundreds of different types of specialized drill bits that are useful for any construction project in the world, the target market might be a global one.

If a company can readily deliver these drill bits at competitive pricing, including the shipping, every local where that effort is possible is worth considering. Additionally, the SEO competition in languages for searches in languages other than English is far less, so this provides excellent sales opportunities depending on what the company sells.

Use SEO to Attract Affinity Groups and Social Media Influencers

Excellent practices for SEO include not only making the website responsive to the search engines but also include generating many links (backlinks) from groups that are related to the website’s target audience. Moreover, it is important to create an impact with influencers on social media that help spread the information with links to the website.

We call this SEO+ because it extends the reach of the website outwards to be more inclusive of social media and other websites. This type of effort to create high-quality links to a website is recognized by the search engines are very important. The number and type of backlinks to a website is used as part of the review under the ranking algorithm parameters to place a web page higher in the SERP rankings.


Most New Hampshire companies prefer to work with an outside consulting company that specializes in SEO capabilities because the SEO efforts need to be changed in response to strategy changes by the search engines. Much of the work is repetitive. Every single web page for a whole website needs to be checked and re-checked for updates. A beautiful website can be released today and yet it still needs constant updating and attention.

For many reasons, it is better to outsource this SEO work. Start by asking for a review of the current state of the website for compliance with the best SEO practices. This review will serve as the basis for engaging an SEO consulting company in order to improve your SERP rankings. Contact Target Points today at 1(800) 962-3255!

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