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Target Points Inc

Digital Marketing


Digital Presence Is Power
For Modern Businesses.

In the old days people had to open a phonebook and check the local listings to find your business. Now they open a web browser or mobile app and enter keywords to search for businesses like yours.

 In order for consumers to find your business, you will need a strong digital presence.    But with dozens of trusted consumer platforms to manage, small business and startups often struggle to set up and keep up accurate and updated information on every platform.  That’s where Power Listing comes in.  We understand that consumers are less likely to trust your business when they find inaccurate or outdated information listed by your company on their trusted platform.

Our Power Listing service enables you to  synchronize your business info in 100+ locations like Google, Bing, Facebook, Yahoo, and Yelp.  Set up is easy and maintenance is a synch with Power Listing. You can even track the performance of your listings. Increase your business’s SEO power today, with a Power Listing.

Payment Schedule

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