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Digital Marketing

PPC Management Pricing


$1,000 – $9,999
$750 / Month (Flat Rate)

  • Creating your PPC campaign and strategy
  • Competitor analysis
  • Strategic bid management
  • Monthly performance & analysis reporting


12.5% of Total Spend

  • Creating your PPC campaign and strategy
  • Competitor analysis
  • Strategic bid management
  • Monthly performance & analysis reporting

Why it Works

Our managed PPC services do all of the heavy lifting for you, bringing your business the all-important leads needed to thrive.

We optimize your campaigns to bring you not just the maximum number of leads, but the highest quality leads as well. This is a delicate balance to maintain. It requires a fair amount of trial and error, as well as routine optimization and research of industry trends.

Our professionals have years of experience in key verticals. This allows us to make sure you’re getting the most “bang for your buck” on paid search campaigns. Instead of learning by making mistakes with your money, benefit from our experience and skip straight ahead to results.

Our Process

The Target Points team uses a five-step process to ensure reliable, high performance.

  1. We begin an in-depth research phase, on your known competitors while discovering new ones. Our team assesses potential opportunities, extracts keywords the competition is bidding on, and employs various other techniques to establish a comprehensive target audience.
  2. We set up any needed accounts, establish conversion tracking, and launch your ads.
  3. Our in-house creative team assists in designing alternate photo and video options, to ensure we’re optimizing your message for success.
  4. Our specialists routinely monitor your ads, adjusting them on-the-fly when any significant variables present themselves. The days of “set it and forget it” for ad traffic have been over for a long while, and our team is acutely aware of that. Heavy monitoring of these accounts allows us to notice any underperforming choices, and correct them before they have a significant impact on your bottom line.
  5. We provide reports, observations, and recommendations to leverage big data and further improve campaigns. Each campaign cycle, we leverage the audience response to double down on what’s most effective, while sunsetting less effective variations.

Target Points Is Your Clear Choice for PPC Advertising

While other agencies over-promise and under-deliver on leads and conversions, Target Points brings our clients industry-leading results

We do this by performing thorough research and building PPC campaigns to target the clients who need you most.

We are also able to offer our services at a lower cost than our competitors.

Amazing results + competitive pricing = a win-win for your business!

Contact Target Points today!

We’ve Worked With

PPC Feature Description

Learn the terms and definitions that make up our PPC Management packages.

Monthly PPC spend with PPC networks

The range of your budget differs per service package we offer.

Keywords in campaign

Keyword usage is one of the most important concepts used in both SEO & SEM (PPC). But using them in both aspects generate different kinds of results. Depending on the plan you pay, we can utilize up to 10,000 keywords for your PPC campaigns.

Google PPC Network

Google’s PPC network is vast, ranging from search engine ads, to millions of partnered business’s websites for advertisement (Youtube, CNN, Etc.).

Bing PPC Networks

Bing’s PPC is very similar to Google’s PPC ad management and networks. But advertising strategies may vary on both platforms as Google display network and quality score apparatus differs from the way Bing does their ad reach and quality score.

Facebook PPC

Facebook PPC is one of the most predominant ways to obtain advertising reach compared to other social media strategies.

Google Remarketing

For those who have visited your website, but didn’t become converters. You can create remarketing tactics and strategies to help reel in a higher ROI.

Creating your PPC campaign and strategy

Starting your campaigns for PPC will seem daunting, especially if it’s your first time doing PPC. We’ll be there to help develop your strategy and your campaign through its initial stages.

Competitor analysis

We analyze your competition to see how we differ from them, and to determine their strengths and weaknesses in their own PPC campaigns.

Advanced keyword research

We do extensive research and analyze which keywords works best, without any legal confrontation with other companies’ trademarks, etc., for optimizing your business’s campaigns.

Ad campaign copywriting

We develop the best kind of content for your campaigns and ads.

Ad copy performance testing

We test and analyze our campaigns, and its content, for ultimate optimization.

Relevant keyword tweaking and development

We do extensive research on how well keywords are doing within your ads. For the campaigns that are working, we tweak it to make it better, and work to replace keywords not showing us any results.

The use of dynamic keyword insertion

Dynamic keyword insertion (DKI) is an advance keyword tool, offered by Google AdWords, to indicate a replacing of a keyword code, with another relevant keyword in your AdWords ad group when needed.

Integrating PPC to Google Analytics and goal tracking

We will establish our PPC campaigns to Google analytics, as well as to curate goals for your company, and track the progress of those goals using analytical analysis.

Reporting of analytical results

A part of digital marketing involves the analysis of our campaigns. We will engage in reporting to you, your companies PPC results.

Strategic bid management

There are a variety of bid strategies to take when implementing a PPC campaign. But it’s mostly centered on the type of outreach you want, and the budget you currently plan to implement.

Monitoring your account settings for PPC

We’ll monitor your PPC campaigns, to make sure they are optimized for better results via performance statistics, geotargeting, language targeting, etc.

Personal account management

Our experts are tasked to make sure they provide results to each company they are assigned to.

2 monthly consultations

If we just hand you the data, you may not know what to even do with it. You can consult with us about future PPC campaigns and your current ones too.

Monitoring clicks, conversions and click fraud activity

We’ll be able to monitor your PPC campaigns with the metrics we lay out for it, including indication of immoral practices, such as click fraud or hacking attempts.

Setting up and managing your rule based biddings

We will setup up your rule based bidding for your current campaigns.

International PPC campaigns

Your PPC campaigns has the ability to target ads internationally.

Ecommerce PPC ROI reporting

We’ll analyze your current PPC ads for your PPC ecommerce campaigns.

Implementation of landing pages and its design

Having a great landing page will affect how users see your product, brand, and service. Making sure you have a landing page that is relevant will also affect your bid strategy and your campaigns quality score.

Reporting website analyses conversions

We analyze the current status of your websites (and your PPC campaigns), to determine how credible it is at converting visitors into convertors / buyers. We will send you a full report on our analysis.

Banner ad design for remarketing

We will develop persuasive, unique, beautiful, content rich banner ads for your remarketing tactics.

Facebook remarketing tactics

We will create remarketing solutions for your Facebook campaigns, including banner ad designs.

Implementing website conversion analysis

We will not only report the analysis of your website, and how well it does in converting visitors into consumers, but we will also implement best practices to increase the consumer conversion rate.

Multivariant testing on landing page

We provide multivariate testing solutions to best optimize our landing pages. In our tests, we establish a high amount of variables, and determine which variables effect one another.

Multivariant testing ecommerce store & checkout/cart process

We determine which products and services are doing better or worse, compared to your other products and services through the multivariate testing process.

Monthly performance & analysis reporting

We report and analyze to you the progress of your current PPC campaigns.

Free $100 AdWords credit to new clients

We believe that we will not only bring you a return on your investment, but we believe you will consider us a fantastic service for your company. We will give you $100 for your initial AdWords campaign, and we believe you’ll stick around longer, once you know how awesome we are at what we do.

One time setup (1st month)

We will develop and setup your AdWords campaign for you.

What is progressive monthly management cost?

Depending on how much money you spend within your budget, we will bill you a specific amount for our service.