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SEO Tips and Tricks #2


If 2014/15 was the year of content marketing, that makes 2016 the year of “user centric” content marketing, where content is key buys in a different way.

In 2013, the change to the way Google handled unnatural links in its algorithm drove a mass wave of long tail keyword focused website content production, to try and improve SEO visibility.

This year is more about creating the right content for the right person, at the right time

=Content RELEVANCE is now king



Much published content achieves little interaction, therefore has minimal relevance business value.

Content should be produced based on topic interactions and mapped to business goals – balancing supply with demand

This approach will mean that you focus on content that is valuable –to users and to your business. Google will reward your efforts

Focus on quality, then scale the quantity.


We need to think of the user first, what they want, how they want to consume the information and then create that is unique and innovative for them, mapped to their customer journey.


Video is a great way to get business engaging with users and as way to outreach to influencers

With the increase of video content, there are a number of things that need to be done to each video in order to stand out from the crowd:

  • Understand your audience and the video’s objective – engagement vs. conversion
  • Become an educator – solve people’s problems
  • Embed videos onto your website and other relevant sites
  • Ensuring relevant social markup is applied (Twitter Cards and Facebook OG) to maximize exposure is a crucial element


YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine!

 It’s a huge potential traffic source. Making sure your videos are optimized is a critical step:

  • Optimize video content with relevant keyword labeling and descriptions, plus make sure your YouTube channel is optimized
  • Consider engagement by medium, i.e. YouTube (full length) vs Vines (7secs) vs Facebook/Twitter (20 sec)
  • Be interactive with video productions based on results – learn about your demographics and their engagement levels


Mobile Optimization

Mobile is set to overtake desktop usage in 2016. Mobile – centric UX and engagement strategies will be crucial

Voice search

This is rapidly increasing. Optimize your copy for conversational and colloquial language – not just for keywords

The power of social

More content from Facebook and Twitter will appear in SERPs in 2016. Consider your multi-channel content strategy.

Relationship building

Has to be the offsite focus. Do not pay for or even think about links – Do not pay for or even think about this – it is not a future proof strategy. Earn links through first “building relationships” (also known as PR)

Mobile apps

Up to 90% of all mobile device time is spent on mobile apps. Google now includes apps in its index.

Think Local

Localized results are becoming increasingly prominent – your content strategy should reflect this shift.

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