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What is included in this audit?

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Target Points’ SEO audit report evaluates the speed of your webpage to ensure that it loads fast enough, is the proper size, and if it contains an acceptable number of page requests.

URL Quality

We analyze your URL and make sure that it is SEO friendly, and also contains the proper keyword. Your URL should also be close enough to a top-level domain.

Title Tag

Your Title Tag is the name displayed as your webpage title. Our audit informs you if your title tag contains and starts with the proper keyword, in addition to being less than 70 characters.

Description Tag

This is a short synopsis of your webpage. Your description tag should contain your exact keyword, as well as be 160 characters or less.

Image Analysis

Our SEO audit performs an image analysis to ensure that your webpage’s images contains an alt tag, the necessary keyword in both the file name and alt tag, as making sure all underscores were removed from the file name.

Heading Tags

We analyze your heading tags to ensure that there are no duplicates, while checking to make sure the proper keyword is included.

Copy Analysis

Allow our site audit to evaluate your copy to confirm that you have used proper number of words and keywords. The SEO audit tools also grades your content based on keyword placement and link to a sitemap.

Social Analysis

This section evaluates your performance based on social shares from Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+. Factors also include whether or not your page contains tweet, share, like, and google+ buttons

Page Link Analysis

This measures your SEO performance based on the number of inbound and outbound links, as well as MozRank page score and authority.

Google AdWords Express Setup

We’ll setup for you a successful Google Express AdWords campaign, that way people searching for your type of business can find you easily.

Domain Analysis

Our SEO audit analyzes your domain name’s length, age, expiration date, and text files, in addition to ensuring that it contains the proper keywords.

Free SEO Analytics

Discover what’s affecting your SEO score with the help of our free SEO analytics report.