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Social Media Setup

Looking to get your foot in the door? Target Points assists you in creating the social media accounts of your choosing in addition to providing you with all of your account information including usernames and passwords.

Custom Brand Identity

Every brand needs a voice and Target Points can help you find the perfect one. Whether highly eloquent, professional, or completely humorous, our social media specialists help in engaging with your audience in a manner that remains in-line with your brand personality.

Customized Content post

Everything you post to social media should be specific to your brand and your brand only. Target Points fine-tunes your social posts to fit your brand identity so that your accounts become your audience’s one stop shop for personalized quality content.

Social Engagement

Social media isn’t just about posting but also speaking to and engaging with your audience on a personal level. Allow us to respond to questions and concerns from your audience in addition to helping you garner more friends, likes, etc.

Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube Campaigns

The average social media user checks their feed for new information several times a day. This presents a great opportunity for your business to develop a social campaign, or a flow of targeted and related content, integrated across three of the top platforms; Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Social media analytics and reports

Social media isn’t just about what works but also focusing on what could use some spicing up. With our social media tracking and analytics we work on how to optimize your strengths, while turning your weaknesses into opportunities.


Let us lend a Hand With:

Social Media can have a major impact on how your audience perceives your business. Target Points walks you through the social media implementation process. From creating customized content to drafting reports that track your monthly performance, we’ll be by your side the entire way.


Let’s talk about your social media marketing project?


In this beginning stage, Target Points’ social media specialists create your social media accounts, while also learning about your current social presence and how it can be improved.

Strategy Deliberation

Our team of social media marketing strategists begin to discuss various strategies, in addition to creating your online persona/voice, making sure it matches with your brand identity.

Engagement & Implementation

It’s time to get to work on posting content to your accounts and engaging your audience. We will also work to find you additional followers and likes in this stage of the process.


After a month of posting and engagement, Target Points’ social media marketing specialists take a look back on the work we’ve done, analyzing what was successful, what could use some spicing up, and potential opportunities moving forward.


Strategy Deliberation

Engagement & Implementation


Long Island

Social Media Management

How social media can enhance your brand

Embrace Your Social Landscape

Since the beginning of the 21st century, social media has exploded into one of the most heavily utilized outlets in history. It is used to spread information, report news, connect with other individuals, and most importantly market businesses and their products. Without a doubt, this relatively new avenue has been the result of numerous successful marketing campaigns, as it is now worked into almost any strategy you can think of. Social media has become an essential aspect of informing your audience and keeping them engaged. While it may seem like an easy task from afar, providing digital content and attracting your target can be difficult to do.

Our Long Island social media marketing specialists assist with integrating your presence across various social media platforms, like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, as well as effectively managing your campaign. Your social media accounts should act as a constant flow of information. With Target Points, our Long Island social media marketing specialists keep your audience up to date on every platform with videos, images, and articles.

Effortlessly balancing quality content with your brand and objectives, our social media marketing specialists center their SMM services on engaging with your audience, and assuring them that there is another human being on the other side of their computer screen or mobile device.

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