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Digital Marketing

It Only Makes Cents: 3 Digital Marketing Tips for Accounting Firms

Since the beginning of commerce, every business has required marketing in order to expand their reach and attract new audiences. The same thing applies to accounting firms; institutions that are seen as a necessity to countless businesses and individuals. But with the hundreds of thousands of accounting firms out there, how can one differentiate themselves from all of the others? The answer is simple: by joining the digital marketing race. With marketing and advertising moving onto the digital landscape, it’s time that accounting firms follow suit in order to effectively promote their brand. Thanks to the popularity in social media and content marketing, consumers are now looking for businesses that will provide them with useful information before formally interacting with them. In others words, don’t be afraid to show off your genius through blogs and social media. Email campaigns are not only useful for attracting new clients but also for nurturing existing ones. In order to make your information accessible to consumers no matter where they may be, it is important that you invest in mobile-compatibility. This includes a website and emails that are fully responsive with smart phone and tablet devices as well as cloud-based accounting software. By creating content that is mobile-friendly, you are increasing your chances of someone coming across your firm while they’re at the gym or grabbing a cup of coffee.