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Digital Marketing

25 Social Media Content Ideas

Success on social media is dependent on the type of content your produce. Posting the same type of post day after day is sure to your disengage your audience, which will cause them to eventually check out. Your social media page is all about promoting your brand. No matter what format of content you’re using, your brand should be a representation in some way, shape, or form. Generate hype and anticipation for an event by posting about it days or maybe weeks ahead of time. Whether they’re new or recycled, share your blog content on a consistent basis to keep your audience engaged in what you have to say. This can benefit your blog’s SEO ranking, which will increase its visibility in the process. The purpose of social media is to keep people informed. Share articles, reports, editorials, and tips that are both relevant to your business and your audience’s interest.

The Social Media Mirror: How Facebook and Google Can Determine Your Brand Identity

Your brand should have a unique look, feel, voice, and even personality if you want to relate to a specific audience or group of consumers. Thanks to the internet and social media, ordinary people have been given a platform to voice their opinion, and with that, the ability to influence others in how they perceive certain businesses and identify with them. Google, being the world’s most popular search engine, has a large influence on who views your business and how they feel about it. When it comes to finding your business online, it’s all about specificity and making your brand stand out among the others. Your identity should be associated with something unique that Google can relate and link to. Analyzing your Facebook audience can show you what type of brand you need to be, while Google can teach you how to specify your attributes to your location in order to make it easily searchable. Keep in mind that identity is everything and that social media can be the first step to finding out what kind of brand you really are.