Many articles have tried to tell you some tips or tactics to increase followers on Instagram like “9 tips for gaining more followers” and “10 marketing tactics to increase your Instagram followers”. Most of them require the same prerequisite which is “you should be good at photography and aesthetics to post fancy photos and attract followers”.

Excuse me? If I can do that, why do I need to read these articles?

So we cannot deny that not everyone is good at photography. But can we still increase followers?


Be a Special You

We’ve heard it all before.

“Instagram is a trendy platform.” — I knew that.

“Cool people on Instagram are getting much cooler.” — Agreed.

“So I can also be cool like them.” — Ummm, not for sure.

Actually, the real principle of being an influencer on social media is to be special and unique. Thus, you don’t necessary need to be cool like them, but be yourself as usual. If you are not really good at photography and the sense of aesthetics, you can change that direction.

An Instagram account, called Brosbeingbasic (545K followers), perfectly clarifies this strategy. This Instagram account doesn’t create photos but posts photos just collected from male followers who mimic what females do when shooting photos so that these pictures generate a contrast.

Credit to Brosbeingbasic

In the same way, Lowcostcosplay (21.9K followers) is a personal account that always posts cosplay photos. The account holder cosplays the entertainers and comic characters in a cheap but funny way.

Credit to Lowcostcosplay

Neither of them are proficient in photography but are unique with special ideas to attract users’ attention. In this way, try to be special and extreme in any field you are good at, even the field of the “Ugly” and “Strange”.

Repost Others’ Posts

If you are exhausted of creating ideas and taking photos on Instagram, then try to repost others’ photos in a legal way.

An app, called Repost, can help you achieve it and make you a photo- (and video-) hub. The original account will be displayed on the photo and video if you repost the content. Don’t worry about distracting the attention of users because you share different types of information, which can help your Instagram account widen its focus group (target market).

Use Photography Apps to Modify Photos

Photography apps are created to rescue people who lack the skill.

Take a look these three cool photography apps with different functions to make your pictures special.

VSCO: offers 50 Cam filters and other exclusive functions to make your photos cool.

PRISMA: offers Cam filters to tranform photos into different styles paintings.

RollWorld: rolls the photo and make it appear as a tiny planet.

Most importantly, they are all FREE.

Humans like dogs

Watch this: Top 10 Funny Dog Commercials


Humans like dogs so why not try dog marketing on Instagram.

Omarcomin_ (37.3K followers) and Barkleysircharles (482K followers) are two accounts that post dog-related content only on Instagram and both of them have posted sponsored ads through putting the sponsored product with the dog together in the photo and using hashtags to emphasize the brand name.

Credit to Barkleysircharles

Hold Lotteries

Holding a lottery or a prize-giving quiz is a way of attracting followers on Instagram. For example, you just need to state that you will choose the first three followers who correctly answer your question under a certain post on Instagram and give them gifts (cash or product sponsored by brands or yourself maybe).

Follow Others First

Follow others first, then they will follow back as respect. It’s fair, and the point is, it doesn’t need any cost. However, this method cannot precisely help you attract and pinpoint your target market so that it is the last tactic you should try.