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Trust Me, I’m a Specialist: The Benefits of Being Google Certified

In the time since its conception, Google has infiltrated every facet of the digital industry. From media and entertainment (YouTube) to marketing and promotion (AdWords), Google has proved that it is much more than just another search engine. In the right hands, this powerful tool can be used to elevate your business from a simple startup company to a prosperous establishment in just a matter of years. However, in order to effectively utilize Google and all its applications, you must grasp an understanding on how it all works.

This is where Google Partners comes in. Google Partners allows your business to collaborate with them with the goal of using its tools to promote your brand. Through various tests and training videos, you can become certified in all of Google’s applications, which presents your business with a badge to display in your website. In celebration of two members of the Target Points team receiving their Google Specialist Certifications (congrats J. Ronald Nazaire and Maqsood Rahman!), we wanted to take you through just some of the reason what that special badge is good for your business.


Maqsood Rahman - SEO Specialist

Adds Creditability

The great thing about Google’s tools and applications is that they are made available to everyone. Whether you’re a digital marketing agency like us or a local retail store, you grasp an understanding on how to properly use Google’s search, display, mobile, video, and shopping networks to your advantage. Becoming a certified specialist shows consumers that you’re well versed in how to digitally market your business; something your competitors may not be. When someone visits your website and sees that Google specialist badge, it shows them that you were willing to take the time and develop your digital marketing expertise. Believe it or not but consumers take this into consideration and can be the deciding factor in whether they continue to check out what you have to offer.

Provides Access to Additional AdWords Features

Becoming a Google specialist opens the door to a plethora of advanced AdWords features. Rather than just using AdWords to just promote your business, Google Analytics can be used to monitor and analyze the performance of ads and specific keywords. This presents you with the opportunity develop an effective SEM strategy by showing you what needs areas to be improved, in addition to what strengths that can be built upon.

Access to Top Tier Service

Whether you’re a Google specialist or not, you’re bound to have a question or two as you begin to explore its many tools. Fortunately, Google has a specialized support team set aside for certified members. This means no more having to go through multiple channels just to get someone on the phone. By having direct access to a support team, you can hopefully resolve any issue your business may be facing in a timely manner.

Optimized AdWords Performed

Being Google certified partners is sort of like getting your driver’s license. Now that you’ve completely mastered AdWords and all its applications, you know exactly what mistakes to look out for. This decreases the chances of poor performance and allows you execute strategies with little to no mishaps. In addition to this, Google will continuously to keep you with up to date with the latest pay-per-click practices to keep you one step ahead of the competition.


Becoming a Google specialist has the potential to take your business to new heights, while providing you with the knowledge on how to utilize one of digital marketing’s most efficient tactics. Stop viewing Google as just another search engine, and instead as the marketing powerhouse it truly is.

Are you already a Google certified specialist? If so don’t forget to take part in the #SpecialistChallenge, which is officially hosted by Google.

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