Web Design Pricing

Our Web Design pricing package is designed for all, small to medium sized businesses, to help create eye-catching mobile friendly websites.

Small Business

  • Basic yet Attractive Website Style & Layout
  • Up to 20 Number of Pages
  • 5 to 20 Copywriting Pages
  • Responsive Design
  • Basic Database Integration
  • CMS
  • Minimum Price: $1,500
  • Maximum Price: $3,500

Medium Business

  • Elegant Website Style & Layout
  • Up to 50 Number of Pages
  • 20 to 50 Copywriting Pages
  • Responsive Design
  • Advanced Database Integration
  •  CMS
  •  Minimum Price: $5,000
  •  Maximum Price: $11,500

Growing Business

  • Elegant Website Style & Layout
  • Up to 100 Number of Pages
  • 50 to 100 Copywriting  Pages
  • Responsive Design
  • Full Development Database Integration
  • CMS
  • Minimum Price: $11,750
  • Maximum Price: $19,000


  • World Class Website Style & Layout
  •  Number of Pages: Custom
  •  Copywriting  Pages: Custom
  •  Responsive Design: Custom
  •  Database Integration: Custom
  •  CMS: Custom
  • Call Us Now: 1.800.962.3255

How Much Should a Website Cost?

Want to discuss your web design development strategy? We are just a click away.

The cost of web design varies from individual to individual and business to business. If you were thinking about seeking out an agency with a lot of manpower and resources then be prepared to spend a lot of cash. At Target Points, we believe in a pay structure that is straightforward and easy to navigate.

The cost of our web design services depends on the number of pages, SEO integration, custom content writing, responsiveness, and the addition of a payment gateway. Our web design specialists will sit with you to discuss all of these factors as well as which pricing strategy works within your budget. Another thing to take into consideration is your type of business. Depending on the size of your business as well as the scope of your audience, you may find yourself writing a pretty big check for someone’s services.

They key to success in web design is finding which factors work best for you and effectively meeting your needs. Cutting corners may seem financially beneficial in the beginning but can cause trouble down the road. Not every web design agency will know how to satisfy your requirement but once you find one that does, it should be utilized to its fullest potential.

The web design landscape is a competitive one. Tackle it head on with the help of our team of writers, designers, developers, and strategists. The website that your business needs is within your reach. Find success with Target Points today!

Who is doing your Web Design Work?

Web Design Price Work
When it comes to web design, there are a number of individuals and organizations that can you commission work from. Their price, professionalism, and results differ from place to place. Take a look at some of the ways you can get your web design completed.

Optimizing Your Location

We’ll make sure your company gets seen in the specific locations you want to be found.

When it comes to web design, there are a number of individuals and organizations that can you commission work from. Their price, professionalism, and results differ from place to place. Take a look at some of the ways you can get your web design completed.

International Agencies

Outsourcing your work overseas may seem like a costly venture but it’s actually the opposite. International agencies typically charge a lower rate than domestic ones. However, keep in mind that due to the distance and differences in the culture you may experience a break in communication; something less likely when working with a national-based agency.

Domestic Agencies

Domestic web design agencies may come with all of the bells and whistles but be prepare to spend the big bucks as well. These hotshots come with knowledge, skill, and experience to meet your every need. Their smaller nature also allows them to pay closer attention to their clients. As previously stated, these talented guys and girls know what they’re doing but if you want to enlist their services, you’re going to have to cough up some serious cash.


Commonly considered as the underdog of the web design industry, freelancers are your best bet if you’re looking for good work on a tight budget. Freelancers aren’t tied down by an agency or organization, giving them the freedom to fully realize their vision without outside influence. If you’re looking to capture raw talent and creativity and express it through your web design then a hiring a freelancer is a sound decision. However, remember that due to their lack of resources, these men and women may need more time to complete projects.

Where do we Fall?

As an all-around digital agency, we like to think that Target Points encompasses every type of web designers. The raw talent of a freelancer, the cost efficiency of an international agency, with the resources of a domestic agency, we are prepared to take on any project you may have in the pipeline.

How big is Your Business?

Web Design Price Big Business

Small Sized Business

Smaller businesses typically come with small budgets for marketing and web design. This means doing more with less in regards to matching the creative designs of larger businesses on a tighter budget.

Medium Sized Business

A medium sized business has the ability to utilize small business strategies with access to a larger budget. This allows projects to be accomplished in half the time and include features you normally wouldn’t have.

Large Sized Business

When it comes to larger sized businesses, it’s not a matter of how much money you have but rather how much you want to spend. Bigger businesses usually demand larger websites, which requires regular maintenance to keep up with and manage traffic.


Budgets aren’t really a factor when it comes to corporate web design. These web designs are highly detailed and come with everything included. Regular maintenance, updates, and new additions are a must in order to maintain a steady flow of traffic.

Who do we Service?

Web Design Price Servicing
Even though we commonly service small to medium sized businesses, we have the resources, manpower, talent, and experience to show results for larger companies and corporations as well. What Types of Web Design are Out There?

The Basic Design

This is the bare minimum in regards to web design. The only factors that are important are that the website is fully functional and it looks good.

The Standard Design

The standard design is similar to the basic design except that it includes more features. Functionality and appealing designs are still important but so are content and SEO (search engine marketing).

The Professional Design

Anything you can think of comes with the professional design. Forms, mobile-responsiveness, creative content, SEO integration, social media, you name it. This is as good as it gets when it comes to web design. All you have to do is decide what you want.

What Design Do We Go For?

At Target Points, our main goal is satisfying the needs of your business. Whichever design format you choose, our specialists will back you completely and provide you with functional and easily navigable templates.

What Type of Website Functionality is Available?

Web Design Price Website Functionality

Standard Functionality

Standard functionality allows your visitors to frequent your website and perform minor commands like sign up for promotions with their email address. It may not seem like much but it’s definitely the first step in achieving something bigger.

Mid-level Functionality

If you’re a medium to larger sized business then chances are you’re going to want mid-level functionality on your website. This allows you to set up payment gateways for e-commerce and gives visitors to the ability to create an account for additional features.

Complete Functionality

End to end functionality makes for a great user experience. Your visitors can do anything you want them to. Whether it’s creating an account, uploading and downloading information, or shopping for your products, there are no limits placed on the user experience.

How we Apply Functionality to Your Project

Allows us to give your visitors as many or as little options as you see fit. Depending on various factors, we can help you decide which type of functionality works for you.

What Type of CMS (Content Management System) Do You Use?

Web Design Price CMS

Standard CMS

Standard CMS allows for the quick editing and adjusting to regular pages, blog posts, and your homepage. It is user-friendly and easily manageable.

Mid-Level CMS

With all of the same features as a standard CMS, the mid-level version also allows for A/B testing. This is great for creating and managing email campaigns.

Complete CMS

Change and swap out any element you want. A complete CMS provides you with the ability to make detailed adjustments without the need of coding.

Target Points & CMS

Our team of web design specialists is well-versed in various types of content management systems. Every website is different and as such, we will utilize whichever CMS suits your business best and yields the most substantial ROI.

How you integrate your Data?

Web Design Price Integrate Data

Standard Database

This database stores small amounts of information including files, page data, and directories.

Mid-Level Database

This database has the ability to store more complex forms of information including user data and varying levels of security to specific pages.

Complete Database

A complete database allows for the storage of large quantities of data and the ability add complex security measures. This is commonly more suited to larger businesses and corporations or sites that contain user information.

Target Points & Database Integration

Our team will analyze your business and website’s structure to determine which database will provide you with the most benefits. This eliminates the hassle of integrating the wrong type of database with your website.