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What Does A Social Media Manager Do?

Our Long Island social media manager develops and implements marketing strategies for social media sites on behalf of the businesses we work with. The most popular types of content we create are blog posts, social media profiles, and social media posts.

 What Does a Social Media Manager Do?

Contrary to popular belief, a social media manager doesn’t just spend the whole day browsing social media and having a good time. A social media manager handles all of the day-to-day responsibilities of having a successful online presence.

“Social media managers are responsible for developing and implementing marketing strategies for a business’s social media sites. This might include blogging, creating social media profiles, managing regular posts and responding to followers,” according to a report about what being a social media manager entails.

A social media manager is essentially in charge of getting – and keeping – quality traffic and leads for the firms that employ them. This, in turn, leads to higher revenues and relationships built on trust and loyalty – today’s highest currency.


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Social Media Managers Help Drive Traffic

Social media is the face of your brand. It’s where your customers and potential customers go to find out about your company, the services you offer, and whether they can trust your brand enough to do business with.

A good social media manager will also have a major impact on how your audience sees you. For example, Target Points can walk you through the social media implementation process – from creating customized content to drafting reports tracking performance – and we’ll walk with you every step of the way.

What Our Social Media Manager Does

Here are some of the most common tasks that our Long Island social media manager typically performs on behalf of businesses every day:

Research: Having a social media manager who is skilled in research is a top priority when it comes to skills to be on the lookout for. It’s essential to stay abreast of new social media marketing trends and only cite proper sources in blog posts.

Research also becomes involved when deciding where to post content – and the latest methods for tracking its success. For example, your audience is different depending on the channel – though brand voice needs to be consistent. This is one of the lines a great social media manager successfully toes every day.

Content creation: One of the biggest tasks that a social media manager does is create content. This can be for your website, blog, or social media channels. It’s important to post frequently for SEO purposes and to stay ahead of search engines. But this is not enough. Although content quantity is highly important, the wrong content can actually detract from your brand instead of adding to it. It’s also important to use the correct wordcount for blog posts. There are certain things that search engines look for when choosing which articles to show – and that line is always changing. Having a great writer skilled in both idea generation and SEO is invaluable.

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Content Creation is a Cornerstone to Being a Successful Social Media Manager

Developing visual content: Visual content such as video is another major component of content development and what a social media manager does. Social media managers who have graphic design skills are in the highest demand because they’re able to craft creative content – and make it unique visually as well.

Search engine optimization: Not all social media marketers have an intimate understanding of search engine optimization. SEO helps you get traffic to your website regularly. We read the most recent blogs and articles to make sure we’re ahead of the search game and will help you stay ahead of it, too.

Customer service: Social media engagement and customer service go together like bread and butter. A core skill for any social media manager is problem-solving. A customer service background goes a long way when it comes to properly responding to emails and communicating with clients in the exactly the way they need.

“Top-notch communication and writing skills are important too, as is a good sense of humor. And being a “master-level gif hunter” never hurts,” Romper social media editor at Suzanne Samin told Mediabistro in a post about what a social media manager does. “Just remember to keep your brand and audience in mind when crafting your message,”

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Customer Service Will Help Separate Your Business from the Competition

Copywriting: Copywriting is very important when it comes to finding a great social media manager. A skilled copywriter knows how to use words to your advantage. Nobody wants to read wordy, boring content that even the writer clearly didn’t understand.

Usually, the smallest number of words come with the biggest message. Copywriters can also condense or combine existing blog posts or repurpose them for other channels or audiences – all while speaking in the same brand voice. The right caption for an Instagram post or hashtags can make a huge difference.

Social media management and engagement: We’ll create social media accounts for you – and manage your personal relationships with your clients on social media. Client have a question or concern? We’ll take it from here. We’ll also find you new subscribers and make sure you have all the likes and follows you need. The biggest opportunities often lie in the smallest interactions.

Brand identity: Having a unique brand voice means your target customers know exactly who you are. We’ll help you find the voice you already have and communicate it effectively. Are you more academic, funny, lighthearted, or professional? Our social media manager is skilled at helping you figure that out. We’ll get to know you and tell you what we see.

Social media campaigns: Let’s face it; we all live on social media now. That means it’s primetime for businesses to develop targeted campaigns and reach their ideal clients. A regular flow of targeted content that is integrated across top platforms will surely increase revenues.

Social media analytics and reports: Social media tracking and analytics help optimize your strengths and turn your weaknesses into new opportunities. We’ll show you what’s working (and how much) and what could use some work – then do it for you. If you don’t have numbers, what do you have?

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Long Island Social Media Management with Target Points

Our Long Island social media manager can integrate your presence across social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. We’ll also manage your entire campaign – and keep your audience busy with the information they’re already looking for from a brand like yours.

Target Points, Inc is currently a top Long Island social media manager. Our results-driven, innovation, intuition, and commitment to developing and maintaining long-term relationships is what got us there.

Ready to get started on the social media strategy of your dreams? We have all of the tools you’ll need. Click here if you’re ready to let Target Points help.

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