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How Blogging Can Land You the Job of Your Dreams

Are you addicted to blogging? Well, if you prefer to spend two to three hours voicing your opinion on last night’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy instead of making it to work on time, or otherwise interacting with other human beings then the answer might be yes.

Thanks to the belief that the internet has given everyone a voice, there’s been this social stigma associated with blogging. For some people, it’s their job and primary source of income. On the other hand, it’s a way for individuals to vent their frustrations, voice their opinions, and express themselves to a larger audience than they’re probably used to.

Yes, too much blogging can be a bad thing; isolating you from society and creating a reality where the internet feels like the only medium for communication. However, in the right hands, blogging can actually help you land the job of your dreams. Job hunting is all about showing companies what makes you different from the other hundred applicants out there, and the solution is simple: blog, blog, blog. Check out some of the ways that blogging will help you be more successful in your job search.

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Your Blog Can Help With Your Job Search

Blogging Shows Companies You Have an Opinion

Your dream job isn’t looking for a robot and nobody likes a yes-man/woman. Blogging is a great way of showing that you are an opinionated individual and are not afraid to express your feelings. Companies love to know that you’re not willing to go along with just anything somebody tells you and that you’re someone who’s capable of coming to your own conclusions.

Blogging Allows You to Express Your Interest

You know a job interview is going well when you and your interviewer spend more time talking about what’s going to happen on the next season of Game of Thrones, instead of a time where you had to display leadership. Blogging provides you with a platform to express your interests, whether that be in entertainment, fashion, etc. Remember that applicants are chosen by other human beings and not computers. You’re much more likely to land a callback if a company is able to relate to you on some sort of level.

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A Blog is an Extension of Who You Are

Blogging Gives Companies a Feel for Your Personality

Resumes and cover letters can only do so much in terms of getting a feel for an applicant. While they’re good for letting companies know where your experience and skillsets lie, there’s no real way for them to tell if you’re the right fit for an organization. Fortunately, blogging can accomplish this. Based off your writing style, the topical relevance of your articles, and how you express your opinion, jobs can get a feel for your personality before you even come in for an interview. Blog articles that tell short stories or poems show that you’re a creative individual, while political and socially charged pieces display you’re someone that keeps up with current events. Don’t be afraid to express yourself through your writing as it’s exactly what companies look for.

In the End

Blogging shouldn’t control your life but it should play an important role in it. The best way to diversify yourself in today’s job market is to constantly express your opinion, develop new ideas, and write about the things that interest you; all of which can be done from your Tumblr account. Best of luck on the job search and happy blogging!


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