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Keywords Optimize Your Blog Post? How Do They Work?


Take it from us, blog posts are awesome. They provide useful information, intrigue, and if nothing else they’re just fun to read when there’s nothing to do.

Outside of entertainment purposes, blog posts have become an essential marketing device in helping businesses engage their audiences and build their brand. But what good is writing an interesting blog post if no one will read it? Unless you’ve already garnered a loyal following, chances are a search engine like Google is going to be the thing that brings visitors to your post. But with the thousands search results out there, how do you ensure that yours makes it to the top of the list? Easy, well not so easy but I’ll get to that in a second, by utilizing search engine optimization, SEO, to optimize your blog post.

Search engine marketing involves utilizing special keywords and linking to increase a webpage’s ranking, thus moving them up in the search engine. If you’re wondering just how you could be number one, worry not as we’re here to lend a hand. The first step in moving up in the list of names in Google is utilizing keywords. Keywords are the popular terms and phrases picked up by the search engine that will drive traffic to your blog. With just a little bit of research, you can find which keywords are popular in regards to your blog topic or business and begin to work it into your content.

One of the biggest mistakes that bloggers make is forgetting to put keywords in their title. This is extremely important as your title is first thing a visitor will see when looking through the search results. It should be noted though that you should never compromise a great sounding title for a keyword. If you believe that is good enough to stand on its own, then in the words of The Beatles, let it be.

Now when it comes to your placing keywords in your actual post, you’re going to want to space them, preferably putting them in towards the beginning and a little bit at the end. The more times your keywords come up, the better but beware of overstuffing your content. Overstuffing basically means throwing too many different keywords and sacrificing the integrity of your post. What’s the point of people coming to your blog if it doesn’t make any sense? Finding a balance between adding the necessary keywords and writing quality content is the key attracting the masses and engaging your audience.

Keyword usage doesn’t end with your title and body content as they can also be added to any images attached as well. This helps with increasing visibility when visitors search google images, as yours are sure to pop up. Details about optimizing images is a little more complex to which I encourage you give us a call as it can be a very useful tactic.

Whether for personal or marketing reasons, writing a blog post means that you have something to say and I can bet you want people to listen. Keywords are like a microphone, allowing you amplify your voice and attract those who may not have known about you before. SEO is an essential part of marketing and with a little assistance, you can engage your audience in a way never thought possible.



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