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Digital Marketing and Why Content is King

As far as digital marketing goes, I like to think of it like a film or episode of television. It can look as visually stunning and appealing as it wants but without great characters and a dense story, there’s nothing for the audience to relate to or connect with. The same applies to digital marketing. Your brand can be nice to look at but a lack of substance can cause prospective customers to lose interest and turn elsewhere. Marketing content is the equivalent of a strong script or teleplay, providing your brand with a certain level of depth and personality that allows your customers to engage with you in a more personal way (Ok last movie reference… maybe). But enough of that, you want to know what makes content such a dominant force in marketing; right? Well if you’d give me a second I’d be happy to tell you. Check out some of my reasons why content is the king of marketing.

For starters, the entire point of business to make money. If you’re not attracting any customers then what’s the point of selling your product? Content acts as a type of magnet, allowing you to personalize it in order to draw in your ideal audience. This can be anything, from videos, articles, ads, or blog posts, that is being used to get people through the door. Looking to attract business professionals? Change your content to fit a more serious and professional tone. Engaging with young adults? Lighten things up a bit. The beauty of writing content is that there are no rules, and as long as you can find some way to bring things back around to your business, you have the ability to create whatever type of story you desire. By doing so, your audience will enticed to check out what you have to offer because they can now relate to you, which is always a win.

Once people start taking notice, they’re going to expect you to keep following up with more content. It’s here where your level of consistency is key and SEO comes into play. For those that aren’t aware of SEO shame on you (just kidding) but in layman’s term it’s the enhancement of your site’s visibility by moving it up the list of search results on Google through the use of keywords and links. Now you’re probably wondering what is this has to do with content. Well as more people view your content and enjoy it, the more likely they are to share it with others and link it to their social media accounts and websites. This in turn increases your SEO ranking, elevating your position in the search results, and making it much easier for potential consumers to find you and increase traffic to your site. Beware though, there must be a healthy balance between quality content and keywords for this to work but that’s another topic for another blog post.

Last but definitely not least is that good content can add a level of value to your brand. People like to feel that they’re getting something meaningful in return for their attention. If you’re presenting them with poor quality content or things that don’t concern them, they’re sure to tune out and tell their friends to stay away. This can be harmful on the overall value of your brand just as much as delivering a substandard product. Cool and engaging content, combined with a great product will lead to an increase in popularity and positive word of mouth, which can only mean good things for your business.

In the end, the success of your marketing strategy will most likely hinge your ability to create awesome and engaging content. Make sure that it’s relevant, intriguing, and most importantly relates to whoever is reading/watching it. Begin working on your content today and show your audience why your business is one they can trust in.

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